The beloved that he compares her beloved

The lover is longing for his companion and has expressed his love and desperation by seeking him in the prayers. A lover thinks high of her companion and imagines her as sharing her love and care with the poor and the needy. He thinks that her beloved has become God only.

The lover is reminded of her golden times spent in the company of her beloved. He remembers the time spent with her when they walked together or sat in the shade of the trees or kissed each other and it felt like a different world to both of them.

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Death can separate the bodies of the lovers but not the souls as souls are united forever.

The lover feels that his soul has united with his beloved and reached God. Love is so mesmerizing that the poet has tried to reach her beloved in all ways in his imagination. He is trying to live with the memories and the love of his beloved.

Love is magical and can create wings of imagination even when the souls in love are far apart. The lover feels the love of her beloved in the caressing breeze of the silent night.

The sorrow of separation in love makes the lover feel deserted and destitute of companionship. The deprivation of love makes the lover feel depressed and cry out of sorrow and pain of separation. He wants to be able to convey his grief to his beloved.

He has such a love for his beloved that he compares her beloved to a shining beautiful star. The lover is seeking his companion so much that he wants her presence to be felt anywhere, even in the air that he breathes. The grief of love makes the lover say that he is too little and the love is too big.


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