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This is really an encouraging poem which tells reader not to waste any part or little time in life. Poet is very positive and he is constantly saying that this life is real and it will end shortly. The poet was young when he wrote this poem; this shows how good thoughts he was carrying at that age. This can surely encourage youth to think even deeper and change view to see this life.

The actual theme of the poem is not especially exceptional. The poet is caught up in the first person point of view, where he is honestly advising the reader. The manner used in this poem is neither optimistic nor pessimistic; however it is firmly sincere and truthful.

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The overall poem is based on one point and that point is Life. Poet constantly says that one should not waste time in unimportant tasks which are fruitless and which will keep a person away from dreams. This life is very meaningful and it depends on the person to increase the meaning and sense in it. One should strictly avoid laziness and work for their dreams.

Then, what is life? Why to approach dreams if life is too short? Why to make good use of time? All these questions get their answer in this poem. The poet guides youth audience to follow their dreams instead of wasting time in making fun of others. All unnecessary tasks like sleeping for long hours, laziness in work and much more are fruitless and will increase burden of living at the end of life. Here poet turns to his next point very cleverly. He then explains about the situations at the end of life.

Images and descriptions are the sole methods of idiom in the poem. Poet paints a picture of word in each canto that lets the reader to observe more evidently what he is telling.

The poet is explaining each sentence in his own writing style. Deep meaning is hidden inside in each of word. The true meaning of life and the small parts involved in it are wisely revealed in this poem. Life is too short and so what to wait for? Simply fulfilling dreams and making dreams to come true is only choice that anybody can have. On the whole, it is very clear that “A Psalm of Life” is a well considered out poem.


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