The narrator wonders if it’s the presence

The narrator wonders if it’s the presence of love in his life or is it the thought of being in love that makes him feel so. He is somewhat perturbed when trying to understand love.

A state of dilemma is again presented in the lines “May be I just love being in Love”. The poet has now got into a state of confusion about the idea of love in his life. He is being thoughtful but he is failing to distinguish his own state of mind. He thinks that it may be true that he is passionate for the idea of being in love rather than being passionate in love itself. The poet has managed to peep inside his mind and heart and made a deliberate effort to understand his feelings and state of mind.

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Now the poet is trying to get out of this state of confusion and is somewhat aware and confident about the truth. He thinks that although he has followed his love throughout his life, yet there is one thing he can be sure that he loved. He has felt illuminated by trying to achieve love. Love may not be defined for one’s happiness but the pursuit of it does take you to new heights and makes you feel happier. The feeling of trying to get your love is far brings you to an ecstatic state than you do when in Love.

The human nature of feeling delighted in the chase of Love is expressed in very simple words. There is a lot of introspection involved in the poem to come to the realisation that the time when you want to bring Love in your life is what everyone enjoys. It gives you a sense of elation when you think that you are going to achieve the Love of your life. Love isn’t as pleasant nor is the idea of being in Love; it is actually the quest for Love that gives you the real joy.


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