Summary of “An Almost Made Up Poem” by Charles Bukowski

In this poem poet is cleverly comparing middle class people with the rich people. He had idea that girl he loved was in danger as she was going in a wrong direction; he tried to stop her but failed to convince her.

Pure love never dies. It remains forever and no storm can hurt people inside true love. But it is also important that the love should be two sided as one sided love always hurt the loving person.

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This poem is all about love, fame, death, plans and memories. Poet is writing this poem remembering his love and he is feeling sad that he failed to convince her.

In the end writer says that he got a bad news from one of his friends that the girl he loved committed suicide. Then he again started remembering her and says himself why he didn’t force her to stay in his life. If she had select to live with Charles then she might not necessitate committing a suicide but fame lets her to do so.

This poem is a sad incomplete love story of writer. How bad it feels if loving person is not alive in this world is shown in this poem. Though writer is conveying himself by saying that she had not listened to him but in other way he is shouting himself why he didn’t stop her?


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