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The poet has the inexplicable ability to express the very truth of life in these four lines about Life. “And it slips like a field mouse” suggests that the Life is transient in nature. Before you can accomplish something big or make a mark in this world, your life is over. Life does not remain with you forever, it passes by slowly and a day arrives when it leaves you.

Even though the poem has a sense of regret and disappointment towards Life, the positive outlook is to make the most out of life as you never know when it would abandon you. You must live life as if it was with you just for the moment. You must captivate on it as much as you, giving your best to everything you do. It is one time that you live and the time is too short for you to depend upon Life.

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Life always looks incomplete and there is always a scope for betterment. You strive hard to get what you want in life, but the time is always short for you to be successful in your attempt to achieve it. Life disappears in a moment and you are not able to utilize it fully. You remain lost in your efforts while the life passes away. Thus, it is foolish to count upon life to achieve anything as this is something which is not yours and which will go away without giving you any chance.


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