As love between Annabel and the poet. But

As per the poet, this jealousy of the angels took her away from him. Then comes a day, when the chilled windy bows made her fall ill. She fell deadly ill, but still the angels were not happy looking that sad condition of her. And one day, finally, a last chilled blow of wind came by in that kingdom of sea and Annabel went quiet forever. She died. Her soul was taken away by the God and her body was buried in the tomb. She blamed those angels who were so very much jealous of the love between Annabel and the poet.

But the poet feels that even death cannot separate them. Their love is far more deep, far more true and far more above the realms of life and death. The souls of the two lovers cannot be separated by anyone. Be it the elderly people, who are much more experienced in live, or much wiser people who are much more thoughtful than the author, no one can separate them. Not just the people living on this earth, but the divine angles of the heavens or the fearful demons living down the earth in the deep oceans- no one can really understand their true love and thus, cannot separate them. They may have made them apart by killing the sweet beautiful Annabel but this does not mean that their love is defeated.

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After her death, the poet can still look her sweet beloved everywhere. He always dreamt of her. Whenever he looks at the moon, the shine of the moon looks like the beautiful face of Annabel. Whenever he glace at the twinkling stars, he could feel the bright glow of her lovely eyes. This love echoed in the heart of the poet so much that he cannot live without her beloved. Thus, every night, he goes to the tomb of Annabel and sleep with her in her tomb.

Each and every word of the poem is very touching. The poet is deeply sad at the sudden demise of her beloved. If we look at the true meaning of the story, we can make out that the poet- Edgar Allan Poe has dedicated this poem to her wife, with whom he married at a very early and her sudden demise made him long for her, since their love was very intense and far from the realities of life and death.


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