Summary of “City That Does Not Sleep”

Further emphasis has been laid on the fact that we never dream or sleep where sleep is symbolic of death. Thus the cycle of life and death continues until we find the true meaning to our being. The image of buttery reincarnating is an attempt to create the picture of reliving in the mind of the reader.

We ought to be very careful in our life which suggests that life demands seriousness. We may have to sacrifice a lot in order to attain the real happiness. The relationships that exist between the humans are such that we share the burden of death with everyone who is related to us. We not only experience this pain in isolation, but as a collective pain for and with everyone. Because no one ever dies, thus we are always burdened with the fear of death.

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To conclude, life and the society we live in is compared to a theatre. In a theatre where if we get bored playing our and open the trapdoors of the stage, we are exposed to lying goblets, poison and the skulls. Similarly if we open the doors of life or in other words get to understand the reality of life, life is completely insignificant and meaningless.


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