Here, of hope even in the extreme

Here, we know that each and every song is incomplete without meaningful, emotional and passionate words, but this feel of hope is so beautiful and powerful that even it resembles a lovely song which is not dependent on the words to be completed or sweet.

Just like a song causes the sense of comfort, eases out our discomfort, and makes the mood light and joyful; similarly the feeling of hope provides comfort and gives strength to provide joy in the heart of people who believes strongly on hope. The author further says that this positive element of hope is not temporary but is permanent in nature. It is continuous and never ending.

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Next, the poet highlights the strong and furious circumstances in which this feeling of hope helps one survive in the roughness the situation causes. This sweetness of hope is best seen in case of strong winds or a storm.

In means, that in case of wildest and toughest circumstances in the lives of people, the one who keeps this feeling with himself, the maximum benefits of this hope can be visualized. This storm is compared with being ‘sour’ means that it is the hardest of the entire tough and rough situations, the feeling of hope provide comfort and ease that we shall be able to rise over this storm with ease.

Now the poet is worried that what if this bird of hope be abashed? It means that the storm is so severe to let down this bird, which will shake up the hope in oneself. No matter it is abashed, yet it provides the warmth in the heart of those who keep this feeling of hope.

Not just storm, the other hard circumstance where the poet examines this positive feeling of hope is the snow covered chilly lands, and the deep strange sea where one can easily wander and get lost. In other words, one should keep the will power high filled with this feeling of hope even in the extreme of extremes situations.

The best part of this little yet strong and powerful bird is that it provides so much warmth, comfort, fearlessness, power and strength even in the times of touch situations, this bird does not ask for anything in return. It means that one should always be hopeful of positive things in life, since it provides all positive attitudes of life and helps one rise above all extremities and the best part is that in return, it does not ask for even a small part or fragment in return.


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