Summary of “Hot and Cold” by Roald Dahl

All poems of the writer Roald Dahl carries some hidden meaning that lets everybody wonder. What a breathtaking magic of words! Writer says in the starting that he is still a young and juvenile boy and he is at his house when one of his mother’s friends comes. Then she starts to undress. Here nothing is stated that whether she undressed herself or the writer himself. This is a big mystery for this poem. Then Roald asks her isn’t she feeling cold? At what she answers as no she is hot.

Roald stated that he was young and thus he thought that the lady has same feeling as him. He thought that the woman is feeling cold and that is why she is undressing her. But the lady said no and said she is hot. This might mean that the lady is mean and trying to seduce young Roald, and if she is doing so then she has failed because Roald is too young to understand these things.

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This poem is about how we frequently suppose that other people undergo the same way which we do, while they don’t. This is very good message as it encloses the word misunderstanding. All problems in this world have little add up because of this word. It is necessary to clear things on time instead of taking anything for granted. This poem is surely exciting for all youth audience and guiding them how to think on any situation.


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