Defining does” is undoubtedly a simple poem with

Defining her love, by using a spatial metaphor, Elizabeth’s love extends to heights of all the lengths and breadths that her pure soul could possibly reach. She expresses her love for her husband to be from every part of her soul and the poetess in the process is stretching out her arms to show that he means the whole world to her.

As it is said, the person addressed might be someone in the world but for her that someone means the whole world. Her world revolves around the love of her life and she insists that death can separate her from her lover but it cannot separate her love for Robert.

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“How I Love Thee does” is undoubtedly a simple poem with a deep hidden meaning. Love is eternal, unconquerable and the highest power in the world. Elizabeth loves her husband to be on a daily basis instead of loving him for a few passionate moments.

Her love is not a slave to momentary passion and this is proved because she is in love with Robert without even meeting him. The poetess by no means is seeking appraisal by the readers she is fully controlled by the emotion of love both internally and externally. She has completely lost control over her body, mind and soul.

Elizabeth is also stressing on the fact that someone does not have to pretend that they are morally or ethically good, goodness is completely a matter of one’s own choice. Pure love and dedication are the two pillars on which this poem stands and once again the poem proves the most cherished notion that love is eternal and it is unaware of any boundaries.


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