“I immersed herself in the feelings of

“I Am Not Yours” beautifully explains that even though an individual has everything in life, he or she is always scared of loneliness, everyone above anything in life, wish to stay with people they love. The love portrayed in the poem might also mean the love established between God and his disciples which is unconditional and cannot be explained. Though the society might be against too much about bonding between an individual God but an individual cannot do away with the truth.

The poetess is so much moved by the feeling of love that she is now blind and deaf and cannot think of doing anything except to love the other person unconditionally. Love is like worship to her and she has deeply immersed herself in the feelings of love.

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The lover has now turned into a dreamer and all the attempts made by her family members of her peers fail to convince her against the love she possesses. Her love knows no boundaries and limits and it is impossible for anyone to understand the kind of love she feels deep down inside.

These feelings are not unknown to the present world. Any individual who is deeply in love with any other individual can feel perfectly what Sarah felt for her lover. Love was, is and always will be eternal; the world can change, the people can change but it is impossible for anyone to change the feelings of people in love.


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