The the feelings may remain’ this shows he

The poet holds a very respectful attitude for this love that he seems to have lost. From line three ’let my love no longer trouble you’ the feelings of the poet seem quite sincere in the manner in which they are expressed. He truly wishes his heroine happiness yet it seems his delicate heart will be broken by the loss of his love.

The poet does not wish to fight for this girl’s affections and therefore is not after selfish gains. Throughout the poem the poem is very sincere about his feelings. Even though he still carries a lot of love for this girl in his heart he is not just concerned his own happiness. ‘And for a while the feelings may remain’ this shows he is still deeply in love with her. He does conceal his feelings ‘I loved you and hopelessly I knew’ the poet is very open about his affections. He even reveals the fact that he is jealous, ‘the jealousy the shyness… though in vain’

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The greatest expression of love is the willingness to let go despite obvious feelings of love. His prayer is that God grants another to love her. This last line gives the poem a true quality of love that it is not self seeking.


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