Love and again. Even when the two lovers

Love is also what brings the two lovers close and results in physically intimacy. The warmth of love is something that only two lovers can sense. Lovers find it too difficult to separate from each other. Love gives them a sense of belonging and a reason to be always together. They feel the pain in separation and do not want to wave goodbye when they have to leave at the dawn.

Finally, love has been given a very substantial meaning. Love has been called ‘you’ and ‘me’ referring to the two lovers. Personification of love has given it a significant presence. Love makes a lover feel imprisoned in the jail of Love. In other words, Love keeps you go back to your lover again and again. Even when the two lovers are physically separated from each other, they can feel the presence of Love in their lives. The feeling of love is so great that it doesn’t know any bounds. It transcends all boundaries of physical existence and makes the person feel the presence of their lover even they are not close to them.

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