The calm mind. The contrasting opposition of

The woman’s beauty and grace lies in her hair locks which are black and her expression which makes her face look so bright. The contrast between the dark and the bright has again been used to illustrate the woman’s illuminated face.

Where the woman is blessed with such physical beauty, her mind or inner self is no less beautiful. The sweet expressions on the woman’s face portray her thoughts which are pure and serene and stay in her beautiful mind.

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The poet has tried to draw the relation between her beauty and her calm mind. The contrasting opposition of the dark and the bright has a new meaning .While the light is the physical beauty of the woman, the dark represents the inner beauty which is not visible outwardly.

The expressive beauty of the woman comes out when the poet writes about the beautiful cheeks and brows which are soft yet eloquent. Her beauty has an elegance which makes her look royal. Her smile is a reflection of joy and happiness and her blushes give a glow on her face.

Her smile is expressive and simply beautiful because she has spent her days in doing good deeds. Her beautiful face can be owed to her restful conscience and her kind heart. She is at peace with everyone on the earth which suggests that she is a wonderful and kind person. Her love is also pure and innocent which suggests that she is someone who is really soft and peaceful person.


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