But is left with is to either fall

But if the individual fails to do so he will live a life that is undesirable by any individual. The pig suddenly realizes that what the entire world wants from him is his flesh, roast it to get the pork, all they want from him is a delicious lunch.

Roald Dahl has beautifully portrayed the plight of an individual who has no other option except giving himself up to the circumstances and adjusting towards the end, he needs of the society. Yes it is funny that he has compared an individual’s life with that of a pig but this is what the bitter truth is. An individual works day and night, failing to understand that what actually his or her call for life is.

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Towards the end of the poem Roald beautifully explains the fact that the only option that an individual is left with is to either fall a pray to the circumstances or mould the circumstances according to their own will and determination.

But to attempt something like this, it is essential on the part of an individual to become fearless on his road of life. The only option left in front of the pig towards the end of the poem is either to fall a prey in the hands of the people or to make them its prey.


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