In Love binds two minds together and

In few lines of this poem Shakespeare wrote that “what is love?’ tis not hereafter” Here he is teaching the meaning of love and that’s why asking his “mistress” to explain meaning of love now.

Love binds two minds together and it is very difficult to unfold those minds. Shakespeare says that these minds get set into another world and they don’t wish to come again on this earth. That world is the world created by God only for loving minds. That world is too much different than this real world.

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“Carpe Diem” is the poem written for all love birds that fly in their own world. That journey is unspeakable. No one can feel it without experience. It can not be seen, it can not be touched, it can not be learned, and it can not be read. Then what it is? It is the only thing which can be sense, which can be experienced and which runs on feelings. Feelings plays very important role in love.

Shakespeare is very much clear in his points. He is making readers to enjoy journey that he is explaining. Though he has written about love he says that love can not be read. Honest opinion about love encourages reader to get into love. Poet is explaining only meaning of love but he says that whatever anyone does anything for their loved ones, it is love. Even opposite person gets hurt by any of action then it is also love.

Giving love and receiving love in return is the simple thing to get. One should understand the love first, realize the pains in it and then select to get ride of this world. “Carpe Diem” is surely encouraging poem and inspires all people to spread love. Shakespeare has written tons of thoughts in this poem. These thoughts are undoubtedly helpful.


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