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A man can do much beyond what his surroundings and his living conditions allow him to do if he is determined and works hard to outshine. The poem is an inspiration to those who blame their failure to their environment or to the absence of guidance and support. A man can achieve unsurpassable heights if he keeps confidence in his abilities and is focused on achieving the high aims that he sets for himself. One should not forget to dream high, for dreams give a man the ability to fight the obstacles that come in his way. The dreams helped this man succeed and ultimately live a life that was far more promising and superior to the life of the ghetto. He did not face the innumerable problems in his life away from ghetto and in a way could breathe free.

At the end, the poet is trying to hail the rose which survived in the concrete even when nowhere was concerned of its existence. This means that the man did not get any support from people around him as they bothered the least, but he managed to grow and stand out from the rest due to his own abilities and his hard work. This man is definitely worthy of all the praise as he did something extra-ordinary which seemed impossible in the rough situation he was. To conclude, it is not easy to bear the hard life in a ghetto and it is a big achievement if someone can make something out of himself while living in the ghetto.

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Ambition and confidence in one’s abilities is the central idea of the poem. No situations are bigger or stronger than the man himself. Everything can be achieved if you have the skills and the right attitude to get it.


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