The he can call all of them

The narrator is overjoyed and feeling rejuvenated looking at all this beauty that farm view has to offer. He feels his heart ticking like a clock, suggesting that he feels more young and overwhelmed by the beautiful view of the farms where pumpkin is abundant and the stacks of fodder are lying.

Pumpkin was a common sight during the autumn in the country side as it was easy to grow. Pumpkin was a pioneer when other plantation failed to ripe. The narrator also talks about the apples-in yellow and red color gathered in heaps.

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Canning and freezing are done at the time. He feels so glad to see the process that the women who are preparing the sausages and the apple butter appear like angels to him. He is so elated to see them that he feels that they were asking him for a boarding and he wishes that he can call all of them and accommodate them, This describes the love the poet has for the typical autumn scenes and the way the atmosphere creates an air of joy and ecstasy inside his heart.


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