Summary of “Why do I love” You, Sir? by Emily Dickinson

It is wisdom that motivates her love for the creator of the Universe and she is determined not to take a step back despite what the society thinks about this emotional bonding of her.

The poet expresses that her love is natural by giving examples of the natural phenomena of the wind and the grass in the first stanza, lightening and the eye in the third stanza. As a natural phenomenon is bound to occur, similarly her love for the almighty was destined, and she holds the sole responsibility for her feelings of love and affection.

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The poetess is aware of the fact that though the heart can feel and accept anything, it is impossible for the mind to accept anything which is illogical. She is unable to provide any logical reasons to her brain and she is least interested in doing so because her love for God is extremely simple, she falls in love with nature and in fact with everything that the Almighty has created. She loves the beautiful morning and she loves all the beauty that surrounds her.

Love for the poetess is faith and it just is, it does not need any explanation or interpretation. A billion of explanations might be present of why you love someone but the all come to the same answer “because I do”.

Not only for Emily, even today, it is impossible to give an explanation of the reason behind loving someone because love is the purest form of expression and the best gift that God has entitled upon all the human being. Being in love and being loved are the greatest gifts an individual can possess.


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