Sweet Dreams


Jason knew he had to leak this information. However, someone had blown Jason’s cover and the Osomaka Building was stormed this morning by Samutatchi’s men looking for Jason. He needed to get out before it was too late. Jason rose to his feet, maintaining his grasp on the cold steel handle of his gun. He looked around, the walls were stained with blood there was a deathly silence. Slowly he walked out of the room into the corridor. His first priority was to find his partner Adam Sommers. Adam was in the offices just down the corridor, Jason needed to get to him quickly without alerting anymore guards.

Pressing against the wall he clasped his gun close to his shoulder. He slid left holding his breath someone was in the office. Jason heard footsteps getting closer; a hand emerged from the doorway firmly holding a machine gun. Jason twisted round into the entrance yanking the gun from the intruder and aiming his gun at the person’s head. Jason instantly recognised the figure, which stood before him. Adam had his hands in the air, and his head turning away from the offensive weapon pointed at him. “Don’t shoot please, I’m a friend,” Said Adam in a peculiar French accent “It’s me,” Jason replied relieved.

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Adam turned his head and gradually lowered his hands, “Why are you talking like a Frenchie Ad? ” Inquired Jason “Everytime I get caught I put on a French accent, for some reason everyone seems to think that the French are wimps, it lures my captors into a false sense of security,” Replied Adam with a certain degree of proudness “I’ll have to remember that” Jason smiled He handed over Adam’s machine gun “Where’d you get this from? This is one of the troops guns,” “Once the troops had cleared my office the commander of the group told one of them to stand and watch guard.

I was hiding behind a desk at the time. Once he had his back turned I got him in the back with my trusty Colt Magnum and stole this” “Enough talk Ad we gotta find a way outta here” Jason said frowning. Adam hurried in front of Jason scouting out for any danger, “Follow me, I know the way” They proceeded through a door and stumbled down some stairs. Jason and Adam came to an office, which lead to the fire escape, the only possible way out of the building. Adam took hold of the handle and tugged. Two troops stood in the office tampering with electronic equipment.

Suddenly they turned round displaying a complex bomb whirring and bleeping away. It looked like Noyogen wanted to cover his tracks. Adam run to the right firing a hail of bullets from the nozzle of his machine-gun. The two men dropped their equipment and dived to take cover. Suddenly one of the mens head’s appeared from behind a table, there was a loud bang and a sharp pain erupted in Jason’s ribs, Falling to the floor he crawled helplessly behind a computer mainframe and held his side. Immense pain surged through him; he withdrew his hand to see it covered in blood.

He began to breathe louder, rolling his head over in Adam’s direction. Everything around him was in slow motion; Adam was but a blur screaming as he fired bullets rapidly from his weapon. The empty shells jingled on the cold floor, smoke still escaping from them. Jason clambered to his feet firing hopelessly at his targets shouting out in pain. There was no reprisal from Adam and Jason’s shots the troops lay on the floor in a pool of dark red liquid. Adam took hold of Jason and dragged him through the office, “Hurry,” he yelled, “we need to get outta here,”

Jason’s feet gained enough power to support him and he ran as fast as he could, blood ran from his ribs and his eyes were slowly closing. Abruptly a loud explosion roared from behind them, propelling both men in the air and through a glass window onto the hard concrete road. Jason felt the heat behind him as a fireball lashed out through the window they had just escaped from. He could barely lift his head; he could feel Adam tugging him behind into an alleyway. Jason focused and saw three figures standing over him. Adam, Noyogen Samutatchi and his right hand man.

Jason mustered the strength to pull himself up against a wastebin. “What the? Adam there’s Samutatchi get him,” “No” replied Adam with a wicked grin ” I’m working for him” “What the? Adam? It can’t be true. No? ” Jason retorted in anger. He tried to get up and punch Adam but Samutatchi hit him across the face with the butt of his gun ” I pay Adam well Jason, he helps me to uncover the sleepers your agency send to try and track me down, unfortunately none of his partners ever survive,” cackled Samutatchi as he pointed his gun at Jason’s temple.


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