Symbols Origin of Species & the Bible.Firstly, the

Symbols are used to signify something abstract, oftentimes, intangible such as an idea, theme or relationship. It may be difficult to notice these symbols throughout the play, nonetheless, they are still crucial and significant to growth of the plot. In the play Inherit the Wind written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E.Lee, these messages are disguised behind three symbols, the golden dancer, the radio, and the weighing of the two books; Darwin’s Origin of Species & the Bible.Firstly, the golden dancer is a meaningful symbol displayed in the play, Inherit the Wind. Drummond demonstrates the delusion of beauty when he talks about his childhood desires of possessing the golden dancer. On Drummond’s birthday, his parents had enough money saved, and were able to get him the golden dancer on his birthday. Despite it looking all shiny and perfect, it cracked into two pieces when he began to rock on it.  For example, Drummond explains to Cates the significance of the truth and uncovering people who are not as ‘golden’ as they seem when he states, “Bert, whenever you see something bright, shining, perfect-seeming—all gold, with purple spots—look behind the paint! And if it’s a lie—show it up for what it really is!”(Lawrence and Lee 110).  In addition, Brady’s character can be seen as the ‘golden dancer’. The town of Hillsboro glorified him, the townspeople made him food and hung up a banner with the words, “Read Your Bible!” . He was made out to be a man in a golden suit, but in reality, his character is extremely insecure and contradicting.When Brady was put on the stand as a witness, Drummond was able to slowly break him down and humiliate him by questioning his previous statements. According to Brady, “each man is a free agent”(Lawrence and Lee 100), yet he is leading the prosecution in Cate’s trial—a man who spoke his mind. Secondly, the radio is constantly mentioned throughout the plot, which symbolizes how humans are advancing in technology and essentially evolving. The radioman expresses the importance of this trial to the judge by saying, “You understand, sir, we’re making history here today. This is the first time a public event has ever been broadcast”(Lawrence and Lee 110). Although Brady claims to be a passionate creationist, it is not entirely true, considering he let the radioman broadcast him, revealing he is not completely against evolution.  Furthermore, the radio recalls the present-day technology devices that Drummond challenges Brady to clarify in biblical terms. Brady is unable to explain as Drummond proves that ideas and objects are not necessarily evil just because it is not mentioned in the bible. The technological progress that is being born into the modern world, is driven by science and technology, rather than religion and superstitions.Lastly, the most iconic segment of the play, Drummond weighs the two books, Darwin’s Origin of Species, and the Bible together in his hands. This powerful scene represents being able to have the freedom of thought and expression despite others’ differences. Brady as the witness, calls Drummond out for attacking the Bible, to which he replies with, “The Bible is a book. A good book. But it’s not the only book.”(Lawrence and Lee 98). Notably, it shows that it is not ceationism or evolutionism, it is creationism and evolution. One can not be closed minded, seeing as what science cannot prove, religion can explain. This trial should have never happened due to the fact that neither of it is right nor wrong, but the town of Hillsboro did not agree with evolution. As a result, Bertram Cates went on trial as a consequence for teaching evolution to kids in his class. When Brady is put on the stand as a witness, Drummond demonstrates that ideas and theories that lack indication in the Bible does not make it sinful. The ban of evolution restricts the townspeople to learn more about other beliefs, making them limited by their own ignorance.