Technology our everyday needs. Social media has become

continues to advance in almost every aspect of our lives becoming more
personalized to our everyday needs. Social media has become a platform for
businesses to gather information and collect data on their users wish list
inclusive of private personal information. Therefore it is questionable how
safe the users information is and what legal protection does the user has once
they provide their data to another company.


Privacy issues relating to Social Media

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Social media
is an online fourm allowing a user to share, communicate and participate over a
social network.
Social networks profit from selling users information and little is known about
just what they do sell and provide to third parties. Facebook for example
states in the T&C “We use the information we have to improve our
advertising and measurement systems so we can show you relevant ads on and off
our Services”


to gain access to Facebook you are required to register to use the service and
agree to the Terms and Conditions. This is a long document that uses small font
and sophisticated language. Therefore, few actually read or understand the
Terms and conditions and don’t understand just how valuable our data really is. Social media
companies that we voluntarily give our information to could sell that
information third party or it may be used in a way we wouldn’t have ever
suspected such as increases in insurance, target advertising and may even ruin
job prospects. The
sale of information to third parties may threaten consumers’ privacy because
third party servers are not as well protected and may be hacked. As technology
grows the computing capabilities can be even more efficient, meaning with the
combination of social media and the information that the user provides the consumer
is becoming more unaware of that both systems could correlate to everyday life.  For instance I have in the past liked movies
or events, which can be then be used to try and market information or attempt
to target me to buy a particular product. LOYALTY PROGRAMS DATA COLLECTION




that it is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions of any given media
site it is impossible to use social media without releasing personal data. It is
possible to mitigate risks by only posting the minimal amount of personal
information and adjusting privacy settings to reduce the amount of access other
third parties may have.
More secure forms of communication include email and text message where only
the intended party can access information.




My findings
indicate that the social networks understand the legal ramifications and while
they may be operating legally they fail ethically. I believe that expecting a
user to understand legal jargon and read through the full terms and conditions
is clearly not a reasonable request.














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