The organization have to give the information in

The data protection
act evolves to protect personal data safe on computer and file system. This
effect organisations as they have to be registered with the DPA in order to
correctly deal with personal information of employees, clients and customers.

Xseed will need to be registered with the data protection act as they
will be hander ling with personal information of their employees and
donations of their computer networks. 

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freedom of information act allows for public access to information held by
public organizations like NHS, schools, local government etc. The public
organization have to give the information in a certain amount of days. For
example, if an organization needs health information about an employee then
the public authority like the NHS. If the information they have requested is
against the act the public authorities have the chose to refuse to provide
them with the information they may have asked for. 

Xseed is a not a public authority, so the freedom of information act
does not apply to them. However, they can ask for information from other
public authority for information.

The computer misuse act that is designed to enforce rules on computer
crimes and computer fraud. If a user uses someone else’s ID and password to
access files, or a computer it is an involution of the computer misuse act,
also unauthorised modification to computers is again against the computer
misuse act. This effect organization as they have to keep computer
information safe from being used in this way.

Xseed will be affected by computer misuse act as they will need to
make sure that the computers that they are donation are not being used in the
wrong way, for example the computers will not be used for crimes.



The use
of email is important to an organization as it is a main way of
communication. But it is offensive or otherwise harassing emails would be
banded in a workplace environment, this includes the use of spam email, but
it is not limited to the use of private emails.

Xseed will have codes for the use of emails, for example Xseed will
ban the use of spam email and any other use of other email that are not for
the work place.

Whistleblowing is the misuse use of a computer system, organizations
may have codes of practice to stop employees from the misuse of the internet
at work. For example, an employee may go onto the IT admin of the servers
will be the first person to detect the misuse of the system.

Xseed will again have codes for the use of the internet at work, for
example they will ban the use of any inappropriate websites.



Security of information is the how an organization handles the
security of their information. The head of IT for the organization will be
responsible for the security of information at the organization. For example,
the IT department should be do regular update on the systems.

Xseed will have an IT department that will make sure that their data
is secure, for example they may need to update their systems for any patches
that may gave been updated.

The backup of physical and software-based file systems will benefit
the users in case of system loss of data. For example, if a raid system fails
on a data server in a business and a loss of data occurs, the issues can be
resolved by having a backup data server to restore the lost data. The IT
department of an organization should perform backups frequently to ensure no
loss of data to the system.

The backup of important data is import to Xseed as they will need to
make sure that in the case of a data loss they are able to recover there lost