The the uptake of cancer screening, early

The Cancer burden has become a
huge steadily emerging Public Health concern that at large continues to receive
minimal priority in Africa especially in the Sub Sahara even though the
incidence of cancer in the region has markedly increased.(Kimani
et al, 2017).  In 2012
alone  according to Parkin
et al, 2014), the incidence of cancer in Africa was 6% (847000
new cases) with a mortality of 591,000 cases of which 75% of the global burden
was in the Sub Sahara Africa. Prostate cancer in men and Breast cancer in women
are the commonest cancer in the region. Furthermore, it is estimated that in
the next decade more than 20 million people will be diagnosed with cancer
annually with over 70% of the global death to occur particularly in the Sub Sahara
Africa and other low income countries in which 82% of the world population
lives (Kimani
et al., 2017).  This increase will therefore
necessitate a huge demand for professionals in the care and treatment of cancer
more importantly in cancer induced pain. However many Sub-Sahara countries
have not yet prepared to address this epidemic. Thus there is a huge unmet need to scale up the
uptake of cancer screening, early diagnosis, treatment and palliative care
services in the region(Zubairi
et al., 2017) (Kimani
et al., 2017).


Data from the Kenya Demographics
and Health Survey of 2014 also shows that cancer is the second leading cause of
death besides cardiovascular disease among the non communicable diseases with a
national case mortality rate of about 7%. 
The Kenya National Palliative Guidelines 2013 also estimates that over
28000 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually and 22100 people die of cancer
each year. More so, Kenyans below 75 years are at a 17% risk of  getting 
cancer and a 12% risk of dying from it (Ali, 2016). At Moi teaching
and Referral Hospital the second largest hospital in Kenya, data extracted from
the Eldoret cancer registry at Moi University estimated that about 5336
patients were diagnosed with cancer from 1996 to 2006. On average about 671
cancer cases were diagnosed annually. Solid tumours being the commonest in the
region and accounted for 79% of the cancer patients however a slight difference
in the pattern of the diseases was noted. Unlike elsewhere Ca. esophagus was
the commonest cancer in the region while Ca. Cervix and Ca. Prostate were the
commonest in females and males respectively. Hence therefore like elsewhere in
the globe, cancer still poses a huge significant Public Health burden at MTRH
and Kenya as a whole.(Tenge, Kuremu, Buziba, Patel, & Were, 20

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