The The UN Human Rights Council needs

The UN Human Rights Council should into Children’s Rights, since today’s children are tomorrow’s future. There are currently kids all over the world who don’t have an education because they can’t afford it, or because they are forced to be child laborers or child soldiers. Without the proper education and life experience, children will not be able to run the world in the future. As Humanium states, “Children’s rights are human rights.” Children’s Rights are just like any other rights, except it is made to satisfy the children’s needs, necessities, and character. In addition, Children’s Rights include various rights which allows kids to be themselves along with being healthy, physically and mentally, having an education, and much more which are mentioned the Humanium article. Everything mentioned in the article can regard and affect every single country. However, many children aren’t opened to these rights, which can affect the children who possess this world’s future. This is why the UN needs to immediately look into Children’s Rights. There are many countries in the world, violating the Children’s rights such as Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Nigeria, according to both the Human Rights Watch and the UN News Centre. In Afghanistan, one of four casualties unfortunately happened to be a child, as mentioned in the Human Rights Watch Article, along with the information that 53 children are killed weekly. The amount of children soldiers and children abduction has been growing rapidly. The amount of children being killed, abducted, or forced to become child soldiers only seems to be increasing. The UN Human Rights Council needs to look into this issue, because there are still six other countries which have violated Children’s Rights, which are to be mentioned. Another country, is Somalia. There are similar incidents of child abduction, child soldiers, and even some kids are being sexually abused and forced to get married, according to the Human Rights Watch which also states that there are attacks on schools. The attacks on schools which occur in Somalia can have a big affect on children education. The tragic events happening to some kids in Somalia can affect then both physically and mentally because kids would have to be put through child labor, or become child soldiers since they don’t go to school, or by abduction in other places. Next, there’s South Sudan. South Sudan violating Children’s rights has been mentioned by both UN News Centre and the Human Rights Watch. Many children in South Sudan have been sexually assaulted. Some have been abducted to become soldiers, which is increasing dramatically. Having children become soldiers means that children are not able to get proper education so they are poorly educated. Both sources mention Syria, to be violating children’s rights. Education in Syria is considered impossible as well, for more than 6,500 schools have been destroyed or damaged. Around 2,000 kids were killed in the civil war in Yemen. The UN News center has also claimed that Iraq, along with Nigeria, which has attacked school and hospitals, have violated Children’s Rights. Kids should not be forced to fight in wars or have their education taken away from them. Without the proper education, children cannot learn and grow as person, which can affect the world’s future. Because of Children’s rights being violated all over the world, kids are killed, abused, and are being taken away from their education. These all negatively affect the children, who are our world’s future. The UN needs to hold the countries violating Children’s Rights accountable for their actions. To prevent the child soldiers, child abductions, and the lack of education for children, there needs to be requirements for the countries to agree to. I believe that there need to be more protection around schools so children can learn as much as they can without their education being taken away. If countries still decide to violate these rights, I believe they should have to provide free education and make sure they complete their education. To prevent child soldiers, countries should simply use their own troops. If countries still refuse, I think they should provide the education that they missed and should provide free rehab as well. This way countries will start to pay attention to the current issues regarding Children’s Rights, and hopefully take steps toward a world which abides by Children’s Rights.China hasn’t had the best reputation with human rights in the past, considering the one-child policy, sex-selection abortions, child labour, and more. Though there has been previous violations committed by China, the country is open to prioritize child rights. According to the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN, there has been multiple letters showing the agreement to prioritize children rights, through the span of many years, starting from 2001 to 2017. These letters mention the importance of today’s children and how they are tomorrow’s future. This shows that China is willing to cooperate with the UN to prioritize Children’s Rights, and is persistent about it. China seems open and supportive to idea, and seems to be moving forward towards abiding by the rights, and leaving the times that they violated behind. Similarly I think all the countries need to leave the past behind and focus on creating a better future for the children, where all countries are to abide by the rights. When people violate Children’s rights, they are violating many article. Some articles are, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 26, and 30. The first three articles are the rights to freedom, liberty, and security. This applies to to Children’s Rights because the rights are meant to allow kids to be themselves instead some kids are being forced to be a child soldier. The fourth and fifth say that no one should be tortured, or put into slavery. However, there are children being abducted, abused, and put into war, as mentioned earlier, as child soldiers. The 20th article mentions not being compelled to belong to an association while children all over the world are told to fight in wars as soldiers. The 26th article states the right to education. This is an important article because many children’s education is being taken away and some are child labors to compensate. The 30th article is made specifically for all articles but mention not being able to interpret all the previous article which forces someone to partake in activities which violates anyone’s rights and freedoms. I believe this means children cannot be forced to be a soldier or be a child labor. Children should be able to go out in the world, and be able to feel safe, while getting the proper amount of education.


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