The information gathering process. Because the nurse’s

The nursing process is a 5-phase
scientific method used by nurses to ensure the highest quality of patient care.
These phases are known as the assessment phase, diagnosis phase, outcome or
planning phase, implementing phase and evaluation phase, also known as ADPIE.  Here is a brief breakdown of each phase.

The assessment phase is essentially
an interview. This is where the nurse talks to the patient and asks them
questions to gain information about how their current psychological mind state
is, or what their current life-style is like. Things like going over their
health history, or even their family’s health history are very important in the
information gathering process. Because the nurse’s assessment of a patient in
physical pain doesn’t just include the pain itself, but also the patient’s
response to it.

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                The next phase is the diagnosis.
This is where the nurse takes into account the information gathered from the
assessment phase and makes a clinical judgement about the patient’s health
conditions. The diagnosis should take into account not just the description of
the problem, but also whether or not the patient could potentially develop
further problems, and sometimes there are even multiple diagnoses for just one
patient. The diagnosis is the root for the nurse’s care plan.

planning phase. When both the patient and nurse agree with the diagnosis, an
action plan will be developed. This is where the nurse will take each problem
into account and assign either a short-term or long-term goal for the patient
to eventually help improve the patient’s health condition. All 3 phases thus
far, the assessment, diagnosis and the goal planning should be written into the
patient’s care plan so other health professionals have access to it.

implementation phase. This is where the nurse follows through on the plan of
action they and the patient agreed upon. They take each obtainable outcome and
focus on them. This involves monitoring for any changes in the patient’s
health, directly caring for the patient, or educating the patient on further
managing their health.

the evaluation phase. At this point, the nurse does an evaluation of whether or
not the wellness goals for the patient have been met. This includes three
possible outcomes: improvement in patient condition, stabilization of their
condition, or whether or not the patient’s condition has deteriorated, died or
has been discharged. If there has been no improvement in the patient’s
condition, or their wellness goals have not been met, the nursing process
begins from the first phase.

nursing process is incredibly important because it helps nurses remember the
order of the steps they need to provide proper care for the patients they are
treating. It allows for nurses to develop important critical thinking and
problem solving skills that will help them grow as a medical professional by
improving the efficiency of their work and coming up with more accurate
decisions quickly.


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