The was said that in mankind’s hour of

The scene opens with a narrow spotlight (may be coloured on FM. Music is playing in the background (The Doors playing “The End” or “Riders on the storm”. The scene is synced with the music. FM makes slow dance like movements with his dialogue whiich is played ding the instrumental interludes of the song. FM is dressed in an unusual manner bare chested, wearing army-style camouflage pants, maybe a mask. His voice is heavy and drawling-somewhat like Jim Morrison. The whole stage is dark except for the spotlight. The entire sequence has a dreamy moody feel. ) FM: I am…. The one. I am the saviour. The liberator.

It was said that in mankind’s hour of darkness He shall arise and lead you forth to the light. I have arrived. The Prince of the Light. Reach out. Hold my hand. I shall guide you to the new dawn. I shall cleanse this mortal sphere of its evils. The dark orders of the old world shall wither away and I will build the New Dawn. Join me… and you shall be saved. Stand in my path and face my vengeance. For I am….. The Final Messiah. (music continues. Suddenly the doorbell rings. The music stops immediately cutting out of tune. The lights suddenly come back to normal and we see the stage. FM takes off his mask and puts on spectacles, a T-shirt.

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He looks like a different person- somewhat geeky, cowardly, worrying young man who looks older than his years. His voice also sound different slightly stammering- like Woody Allen’s. The Stage: It is obvious that this is somebody’s appartment but everything has a spartna air about it. This is a sitting room but completely bare of any decorations or glamour. There is a cheap/foldable central table, with similar plastic, foldable, unmatching wooden chairs which look like the rejects of some institution. Everything has a haphazard air about it with magazines, papers, paper cups and plates strewn about.

A radio transistor sits prominently in the centre on a separate table making it look like it is something special. ) (The doorbell rings again impatiently and FM rushes to open it settling his clothes. He opens the door slightly and looks outside. It’s the local grocer. ) FM: yes? G: I’m the grocer…. or have you conveniently forgotten me? I’m here for the money. FM: aren’t we all. G: (pretending not to here) You have been buying things in credit. You are currently Rs. 458 overdue. FM: I know. I’m sorry but Im rather busy right now… come back…. G: Busy doing what? Being unemployed?

(puts his foot through the dorr suddenly and takes FM by surprise. He quickly steps inside before FM can do anything) G: I had promised I would not sell you a candy until you cleared your dues but yesterday you came to my shop when I wasn’t there, took advantage of my stupid assistant and you did your shopping. You bought another 125 rupees worth stuff. FM: (cowering) Look I’m sorry…. I fully intend to pay for that…. I didn’t realise I was so overdue…. G: (now shouting seeing that FM is cowering) Didn’t Realise? Every time I come you peep through your eye hole and pretend not to be home.

I’ve got you today. I’m not going back till I get every last paisa. (moves in) FM: I’m so sorry but I have been really busy. I have to got to the bank. I don’t have any money in the house…. And the bank is on strike…. so come back tommorow…. G: Enough. Look if you cannot pay right now I’ll understand. Why don’t you give me something, some valuables so that I can hold them as security until you can pay. FM: I don’t have anything…. valuable…. G: Let’s see…. what about this 2 in 1. FM: (emphatically) No you can’t have that. I need it. I can’t give that…. please leave.

G: (goes into the other wings as if he has not heard. He comes out almost immediately with a kit bag. ) I found this under the bed. It’s quite heavy. Anything worthwhile? (he shakes it to hear what kind of sound it makes) FM: (he looks possesed by fear. He shouts out wildly telling G to leave it. He makes a dash for G and in the proces tumbles over the tables and chairs. G gets shocked and drops the bag. ) FM: (panting and angry. He makes a grab for the man’s collar. ) Who do you think you are? Coming into my house and searching through my things. Who gave you that right. Get out of here now or….

G: (he’s angry too. He takes FM’s hands off his collar by a quick move) Or what? What will you do? Loafer. Cheat. (he straightens himself and starts walking out). The local OC is my personal friend. If you don’t pay up by tomorrow I will get the police to arrest you. FM: (that cowering desperation is back in his voice) Police? Police? I am the police! G: (with an ugly sarcastic grin) Ja, Ja ! “ex” police. That too you were a traffic guard in Behala. Hmph! Police! (walks out) Tomorrow. FM: Tomorrow. Tomorrow will not be new day. It will be a new world. (He stands for a second oiling in anger.

Muttering things. Suddenly he realises something and takes out a battered wrist watch from his pocket. ) Idiot. Made me forget about the news. (he turns on the radio. A voice is reading the news. As he listens he picks up the kit bag and sits down. He opens it and carefully starts bringing out sticks of dynamite, bombs and things in plastic baggies. He piles them on the table one by one checking everything carefully. Lastly he takes out a revolver and starts checking it and then starts loading it with bullets from one of the baggies. As he is doing this the news item he has been waitng for comes up)

N: Among other news today there was a bomb scare at The Esplanade Bus Terminus. A suspicious looking briefcase was found to contain a small amount of explosives. Fortunately the police diffused the bomb within minutes and nobody was hurt…. FM : Diffused? Diffused? You nitwits it wasn’t supposed to go off in the first place. N: Police were baffled for some time as to who could have planted the bomb. A terrorist attack was suspected but a audio tape found in the briefcase helped allay their fears to a great extent. The tape contained the following message. (it plays FM’s voice) “I take responsibility for planting the bomb.

Now you have witnessed my power. So be awed. (it goes on to repeat FM’s initial speech) N: Police are carrying out investigations. No possiblities are being ruled out but it is suspected that this is the work of an amateur. Probably that of sick individual who is playing a prank to gain attention. The authorities say there is nothing to fear. The situation is under control. FM: (really angry. Turns off the radio) Under control! Nothing to fear! I’ll show you what fear is! You think this was a prank? Wait till tommorow. Just wait. The messiah is sick. The Final Messiah is an amateur prankster.


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