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The rules that
everyone should carry driver’s license and no one must issue the license
illegally meets with my ideas. But there are some of the principles that my
ideas diverge. Republican parties’ principles states that they oppose photo
traffic enforcement systems where as I support this because there are many
drivers who drive carelessly. They get so hurried up to their destination that
they put others life in risk because of their driving. There are cameras in
most of the places that is why they are forced to dive slow in Yellow lights
and stop in red. Due to the fear of getting tickets and paying the fines they
get little bit careful. So in this case if there is no cameras than we can
imagine how many accidents can occur in a day. Next is Republican Party opposes
the abortion thinking that it is a murder but I support abortion because many
teenagers gets involved in unsafe sex and gets pregnant before they are
physically and mentally prepared to be a mother. Later, the couples gets
separated and the burden of child is upon single parent either mother or
father. And because of this they cannot provide proper care, education and
facilities to the children which will let them behind from their bright future.
Their present life becomes measurable which will ruin their future so that is
why I think rather than killing them every day after their birth it is better
to abort them before they are born. Next is Republican parties does not support
homosexuality. According to Republican Parties of Texas, “Homosexuality must
not be presented as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, in public policy, nor
should family be redefined to include homosexual couples. We oppose the
granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for
homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin.” I do not support their
principle because if there is freedom to live then homosexuality should fall
under that. Homo sex people should be supported, they must be given equal
opportunities in society and country as well. They should not be discriminated
and demotivated.