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The Introduction of The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle begins with Zeus punishing Apollo by casting him down to the mortal world as a human. He is been sent to New York in present time. “He has to go to through trials if he wants to return to Olympus and to being a god”, said Zeus. The rising action begins when Apollo who is now a mortal named Lester is cast down to earth, he meets a girl named Meg McCaffrey who saves him from getting mugged. She later helps him get to Percy Jackson’s house. Percy then helps Meg and Lester get to Camp Half-Blood in Long Island. For his trials he needs to restore the Oracles in order to bring back the prophecies. While he is at camp, Chiron tells him that some of the campers have been disappearing. He discovers that in the forest of the camp is the Grove of Dodona, which are a stand of sacred oaks that were planted by Rhea in the first days of the world which give prophecies. The climax begins with Nero wanting to burn down the Grove of Dodona, but Apollo has to save the Grove and the rest of the Oracles this being his first trial from Zeus. He is going to need all the help he can get to complete all these tasks to return to his godly form in Olympus. The falling action consists of Apollo saving the Grove of Dodona from the Roman Emperor Nero. After Apollo defeats Nero, his last attempt is to burn down the grove with greek fire. Apollo makes a deal with the Dryads who blow out the fire with their powers therefore saving the grove. Apollo then manages to save the six campers who were kidnapped by Nero from the grove. As he is returning to Camp Half-Blood he is told that Meg is Nero’s daughter and was his accomplice in burning down the grove. During the conclusion Apollo finds out that the camp is under attack by Nero’s men and the camp needs help. The six kidnapped demigods return and Apollo defeats Colossus who is attacking the Camp. Apollo uses an arrow full of diseases into Colossus ear which save the camp. Apollo now has to continue his journey to becoming a god again.