The grown to 71.6 million while mobile penetration

The use of
various platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and blogs provide
a real-time approach to marketing and creating considerable awareness to
consumers. This study will be important in seeking to understand the extent to
which clothing retailers are using these platforms and their integration to
grow and advance their businesses.


The Internet

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billions of people around the world, the Internet has become an essential
component of their everyday social and business lives. And though they seldom
give it a moment’s thought, the search engines that help them navigate through
the plethora of pages, images, video clips, and audio recordings found on the
World Wide Web have also become essential. Search technology—shortened simply
to “search” in the IT world and referred to as such in the rest of this
report—is only two decades old, but it is a cornerstone of the Internet
economy. (McKinsey 2011)


In Kenya in
particular, the internet has been made widely accessible through the use of
mobile phones. Mobiles phones are not only affordable, but a quick and easy way
for many Kenyans to access the internet. A study by IHub Research and Research
Solutions Africa (2015)  shows majority
of Kenyans use mobile phones, including those at the Base of the pyramid. It
also discovered that 1in every 4 people who use their mobile phones, have
access to the internet and have access to internet plans referred to as


Similar to global
trends and especially in emerging and developing economies, mobile telephony in
Kenya has continued to dominate growth in the telecommunications. Mobile
subscriptions rose by 10 per cent during the year 2016 to 39.78  and mobile subscriber capacity of the service
providers has grown to 71.6 million while mobile penetration increased to stand
at 90 per cent, edging closer to the global penetration rate. Kenya’s mobile
penetration rate is still higher than the average continental penetration rate
of Africa, which stands at 76.2 per cent. (CCK 2016) The increasing use of mobile
phones in Kenya therefore has had a massive impact on the use of internet.


 Marketing in the Internet Age

The 21st century is experiencing a
communication explosion, sparked by social media. This social media revolution
has resulted in vast changes in the way consumers receive and use marketing
communications. In particular, consumer-generated content has emerged as a
phenomenon of interest among both scholars and practitioners of marketing (Williams,
Critteenden, Keo, McCarty 2012)


In the fast
paced, ever changing world today, marketing plays a crucial role in the success
of any new and growing or established business enterprise. Social media
marketing in particular has emerged at the forefront of marketing to enable the
growth and prosperity of businesses. It is a form of advertising which enables
businesses communicate effectively with current and potential future customers.
Advertising, mass media advertising to be more precise, has played a major role
in business to consumer marketing, and enabled companies to meet communication and
other marketing objectives. (Minh Hou Poh & Adam, 2007). Because social
media encourage two-way communication and interaction, they are valuable
relationship-building tools for the marketer who chooses to use them to build
dialogue and engage customers (Achen 2015)

Social media marketing 


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