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The book begins with a brief introduction to Leo at the age of twelve, and chronicles his move from his home state of Pennsylvania to Arizona. Before the move, his Uncle Pete gives Leo a porcupine necktie as a farewell present, inspiring him to collect more like it. After his collection is mentioned in a local newspaper, Leo receives a second porcupine necktie for his birthday, left anonymously, and the story begins.                                      Stargirl Stargirl caraway was not an ordinary girl she was different to the students of Mica highLeo borlock is our main protagonist and the narrator of the story For the most part,  Leo does seem like a good guy. For one thing, he has a strong internal sense of what is right and wrong. We see this a couple of times in the novel, such as when, deep down, he knows that they should not put Stargirl on the television show “Hot Seat.” He realizes that Stargirl is special, and they should “leave her alone.”Leo wants to be with her as a friend or maybe more, the readers know this before Leo dose “And each night in bed i thought of her as the moon came through the window”  from stargirl chapter 2, Leo is in love with the long skirt wearing ukulele playing Fruit loop in the school that’s full of Cheerios.But then he backtracks and lets her go on. What was that about? Well in some ways its just further proof of leo’s kindness. He lets her go on the show because he notices that stargirl seems to be inspiring people to start embarrassing their own differences. Maybe, just maybe they’ll embrace their inner quirk. But then it was basketball season stargirl was a cheerleader and the Mika high Electrons are actually winning but then stargirl started to cheer for the other team that made the power hungry students of Mika high very angry the last straw for them was when stargirl ran to help when the best player on the other team got hurt that caused the Mika Team’s enthusiasm to plumet and to lose the season at the very end of one of the games stargirl was hit in the face with a big red tomato which made the mika fans cheer.          Stargirl never noticed how much she was left out looked at talked about or she just never cared. This is what Leo  noticed about her as they got closer soon stargirl invited Leo over for dinner ( it’s time to meet the parents) stargirl shows leo her room leo finds two different objects that he found interesting, a bowl full of hair and a wagon filled with pebbles stargirl puts a pebble in whenever she is happy and takes one out when she is sad. After when Leo was leaving they kissed on the sidewalk Hesitant but tired of the loss of attention from his classmates Leo breaks up with stargirl she of course takes the breakup very harshly but she is still herself Leo feels terrible about it but he wanted to be accepted and acknowledged by the student body he wanted the best for him and stargirl but turned out it was just the best for him distraught stargirl moves away. Years later on leo’s birthday he got a porcupine necktie.


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