THE can broadly be shared by a group


millions of stereotypes exist in the world, and not only for Asian descents. We
are living in a world where prejudices and stereotypes come hand to hand. East
Asians stereotypes are ethnic generalizations found in U.S. for immigrants of a
first generation. Americans whose relatives moved to the U.S., from East Asian
nations, like for example, China, Japan, or South Korea, just to name a few.
Stereotypes of East Asians, as other ethnic groups, are regularly illustrated
in social media websites, books, cartoons, and many other. These stereotypes
have been to a great extent and aggregately marked by society and have a
significant negative impact in the lives for Americans of East Asian origins
and East Asian immigrants in day by day communication, the news, political
problems, schools etc.

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simply make life a lot more difficult than what it is. I believe our cultures define
how we think, our qualities, our needs, and how we get things done but every
human being is different despite our backgrounds and the place where we are coming
from.  The two most common stereotypes
known out there for Asians are: intelligent people, and bad drivers(women). But
that isn’t necessary true because like in any ethnic group there can be smart
people or bad drivers, it just depends on the specific person. People
stereotype others from different backgrounds or countries to feel better about
themselves, or take out fury sometimes for even racism.

problem is that these millions of stereotyped people are not seen for who they
are and what they can offer to a different community. It influences employment
opportunities and career success. Employees can potentially leave a company
depending how think are being treated. Psychologists have shown that
stereotypes put in risk the potential of talented and knowledgeable
individuals. In schools, students on standardized exams might feel tension that
the tests will affirm at the long run negative stereotypes. Although
stereotypes can be categorized as either positive or negative; they are in
regular use, frequently acknowledged as unreasonably based negative states of
mind about certain cultures and their individuals. Stereotypes are often called
peculiar, just a person can use them, or they can broadly be shared by a group
of individuals.



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