The led. Through a persistent dialogue, an

The internet
and technology have altered
the world we sell. This is not a new method to market; instead, it creates a
new model for the connection between consumers and brands. The Internet has
offered more choices for consumers, and even more power and more influence.

Furthermore, brands have new ways to vend, and new field that they can sell
their products. (Stokes, 2013) In short, e-marketing is marketing online through
official website, online advertisement, email newsletter, interactive kiosks,
interactive TV or mobile devices. It keeps communicating with customers and get
to know customers better and get closer with them. E-marketing expands on the
database and makes a consistent stream of interchanges amongst clients and
providers and between customers themselves. E-marketing can help make a
business which is customer led. Through a persistent dialogue, an energetic
conversation, presenting interests, demanding for items and services,
recommending improvements, giving feedback, where at last, the customers drive
the business. (Chaffey and Smith, 2013) E-marketing can be
basically characterized as: completing marketing goals through applying digital
technologies. This brief definition helps remind us that it is the consequences
delivered by technology that determine investment in e-marketing, not the
adoption of the technology. These digital technologies consist of internet
media such as websites and emails, digital media like wireless or mobile device
and also media for transferring digital television, for example cable and satellites.

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E-marketing or electronic marketing, which can be considered to have a wider
range since it alludes to digital media, for example, Internet, email and
wireless media, yet in addition incorporates administration of digital client
information and electronic customer relationship management systems (e-CRM
systems). (Chaffey et al., 2006)


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