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The Jim Crow Laws were laws placed because of segregation between all races. The laws themselves lasted for about eighty-seven years. Thomas Dartmouth was the inspiration for the laws when he came out with a song and show called “Jump Jim Crow” and “Your Minstrel Show”. To Kill A Mockingbird has lots of good example that show the Jim Crow laws at work. Although having segregation laws to help us, we have learned to accept each other in better ways rather than looking at each other’s skin color and judging, because even though it was bad we have learned that not everyone is the same, and we have learned a lot from our past and that it can change our future. Jim Crow was not a person it was a way of life, whites would stereotype people of color to a life like “jim crow”, which was a song about a disabled slave who was doing his work. This stereotype made all people of color look and seem to be the same. They had called them names like “monkey” and “jim crow” and they would paint their faces black and leave big circles around their mouths to seem bigger just to make fun of the way they looked different than white people. The whites of America felt like they didn’t have enough control over the country so they placed the Jim Crow laws after the end of reconstruction in 1877, but the laws were abolished in the 1960’s due to the civil rights movement.The jim crow laws were put into place because people wanted to split up whites and blacks from each other. Even the slightest act of justice could get you thrown into prison or put to death. Most whites did not believe that people of color deserved to have the same amount of respect as they did. They thought of blacks as animals, slaves, workers and lots of worse things. They were not to be in the same room with a white person or else it was “a crime” “because they don’t deserve the respect”. These laws were used to punish people for consorting with people of another other race. The first law was placed in Louisiana stating that whites and blacks couldn’t be in the same car on the railways. Everyone was supposed to feel equal and no one should feel mistreated, but that rule was quickly forgotten because the black Americans were treated so poorly. The laws ended up violating the 15 amendment which states all men are allowed to vote, the laws took away the rights of the African American men.In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson didn’t get a fair trial because he was black and no one had believed him, this is why Atticus didn’t want to take the trial, because he knew it wasn’t going to be fair. Mayella got a fair trial because she is a white woman and she comes from a white family. The towns people would always use words to make the blacks seem like they were bad for the society, they would use some pretty harsh “slang” to describe them. Calpurnia’s church was the town’s store and that is why the Reverend wanted everyone to give at least two dimes to help “rent” the church out, because the town would not give them their own church, but they didn’t have enough money to get ten dollars from everyone who went to the sunday mass. The actions are barely still with us today just not as laws, we still see people discriminating one another. Everyone still makes racist comments, and makes fun of another race but we are all one big nation, rather than when the laws were still active, people were told that it is horrible to see a black man glance at a white woman, or a black man or woman to drink out of the white water fountain.As a country we have grown, we have all learned that it is very unethical to judge a man by his color. We can not forget our past but we can rewrite our future, it is for the better of our country and our people. As one we all should know and respect how far we have come and how much we have improved on understanding one another in better, much more respectable ways. The Jim Crow Laws may never happen again but that doesn’t mean that there are other things we can’t fix, we are not done with the recovery from the tragedies that happened during the civil rights movement.


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