social safe and protected in there homes.

social workKathleen Howard Mary Lou Mires Reading 6 December 2011 The life of a Social Worker The most important thing about being a social worker that people have is passion for wanting to help people. Especially if you want to help them solve there problems. You must have the right kind of attitude (the kind of attitude that says I’m the boss I’m the one in charge). You also need lots of patience to be a Social Worker because of the high levels of stress and mixed emotions from from the families hat you will be seeing. Social Workers dedicate themselves to ensuring children are safe and protected in there homes. If you become a Social Worker your job will never be boring, its actually quite eventful. Being a Social Worker does have quite a reputation for being a burnout job, because of all the case loads that you get at one time. There are many department you will work in when you want to become a social worker. Such as being an intake worker. They are in charge of taking the reports of child abuse or neglect.

And determines whether it needs to be investigated. If the case needs to be investigated it is transferred to a child protection investigator. The investigator talks to the child and/or anyone else who might have the information about families situation. If there is reasonable belief that the child is in immediate danger. They will be place under temporary child protective custody. Their case will be transferred to a substitute Who is in charge of finding temporary placement for the children.

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The caseworker will find permanent homes for them if the parents don’t attempt to reunite will there children. Their case will be transferred to a family preservation worker who does everything possible to try and keep the parents and children together. As you can see being a Social Worker is a hard job you have to put in a lot of experience to get this job done good, but once you get in to it I think it would be an awesome job to do. Because your able to help people solve their problems.


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