The Nowadays, this is beginning to get

The mass
media can be very influential on the way the way society thinks. The media can interpret
certain events, social groups and debates for society to have a particular view
on a certain topic. The mass media influences societies opinions on things such
as sexism, politics, feminism, religion and mass events. These media outlets
such as newspapers and social media are shaping societies opinions without some
of them really having their own and they tend to believe and side with whatever
is written in the media. This essay will cover how the mass media presents
ideas as ‘truths’ and how they can easily manipulate their readers.


Mass media,
especially more traditional right winged media tend to be much more ideological
in nature. Mass media texts all over the world show ideologically asserted
images of ‘masculinity’ and femininity’ which are showing people all over the
world how men and women should look and act. Because this has been shown in the
media for so long, it is now seen as normal on how a man and women should be in
society. Now with web 2.0 and 3.0 people can now express their own opinions on social
media,  and the representation on males
and females is not fixed. However, more traditional people who would buy and
read newspapers rather than look at online articles may still have their fixed
opinion as the media has had control of many of societies thoughts (especially the
older generation). Ideologically images of gender are also commonly shown in
the mass media. This refers to the common responsibility’s and roles in society.

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Traditional gender roles are ideologically shown as men being to breadwinner
and women being a housewife. The media commonly shows a patriarchal society as
men are paid more than women and that it can be much harder for women to go up
the career ladder than men. Many media outlets such as television programmes
and films, commonly show as men the more dominant character, who works hard to provide
for his family. Nowadays, this is beginning to get less seen as many women are
fighting for equal rights and society is now in the modern age where everyone
should be equally rather than what the media tells you to think.



have expressed concern about limited and generally negative representation of
women in the media because they believe that it has a negative effect on
attitudes towards and the status of women’ (Mass Media, Marsha & Emma Jones,
2001). The mass media has the idea of the ‘perfect woman’ and many women who
don’t fit the stereotype of the perfect woman are portrayed negatively in the media.

‘The Sun’ newspaper showed bare
breasted women on page 3 every day from 1970 to 2015. With many people growing
up and seeing this in the media, would be made to think that this
representation of women is seen as ‘normal’ and that every woman should look
like that, which shows that the real representation of women has been hidden
and that the media is misrepresenting reality. Many thought that page 3 was misogynistic
and demeaning towards women and many campaigned to get it removed. This is one
of the many reasons why many people (especially feminists), think that the mass
media sexualises woman an incredible amount and why things like page 3 shouldn’t
be around just to make men happy when they open the paper every day.