Woland is a man of his word. In German Woland means Satan whenever the devil is talked about or mentioned Professor Woland or one of his henchmen in not far behind. Woland is often summoned by people when they use a phrase that contained the word devil in it. In chapter 19, Margarita is on the trolley and she is worried about her “Master” and she is unsure if he is still alive or not, she utters “Ah, truly, I’d pawn my soul to the devil just to find out whether he’s alive or not…It would be interesting to know who they’re burying” (Bulgakov 224).

As soon as these words leave her mouth none other than Azazello appears beside her and offers a chance to find out if the “Master” is alive or not. The only thing that he requests is that she rubs a cream on her entire body. Most of the offers seem simple enough but never turn out positive. The term “devil” is used as a swear word throughout the novel. In chapter 17, Prokhor Petrovich is turned into just a suit. His body does not occupy the suit. He is still able to talk and move around it is like a ghost is in the suit. All of this came about because he said “What is all this?

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Get him out if here, devil take me! ” (Bulgakov 189). Behemoth the cat is present in this scene and he responds to Petrovich’s request, “Devil take you? That, in fact can be done! ” (Bulgakov 189). Instantly he is transformed into a suit. The whole event is causing pandemonium in the office and the secretary, Anna Richardovna is running around the office crying. She told Petrovich that, “I always, always stopped him when he swore by the devil! So no now the devil’s got him! ” (Bulgakov 189). Woland is always on the lookout for unspescting victims.


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