The otherdocuments that best support your data.

The appendix at the end of your business plan is the place to include all pertinent supportingdocuments. The impetus for creating this section is to back up what you have stated in yourbusiness plan by providing the full documents. It allows the main body of the plan to read asa legal document that focuses on each aspect of your business without getting bogged downwith numbers and implicit details.While thinking and writing your business plan, it is likelythat you have gathered, or accessed, an important amount of information. To determine whichdocuments to add, you must read again your business plan to fix place you have referred tostudies or surveys, or made comparisons. Include marketing research studies and otherdocuments that best support your data. All copies of documents should be legible andcomplete.30Supporting documents shows your business as a legal business because whenever you launchyour business plan or start it then share holders will come to you and ask about thosedocuments then only they can beilive on you and company goes on. According to the firmlaw you have to upload your documents on your website or somewhere else so supportingdocuments must be required for your successful business plan.As we discussed above, there are specific documents that investors may want to see.Although this many vary according to your type of business and stage of businessdevelopment, such documents may include:? Cash flow statement? Trading and Income statement? Balance sheet? financial project Report? Capital equipment list? Resumes of key officers30 Retrieved on 27th May 2017.24? Letters of support, reference, or credibilityOther documentation that may assist you in obtaining funding, selling, or monitoring yourbusiness may include:?Blueprints or diagrams of allocated space? Marketing plans? Letters of intent? Credit reports? Expansion plans? Quotes or estimates from builders, contractors, etc.? Legal document applicable to the business? Census or demographic data? Industry awards or customer letters? Newspaper articlesList the documents that are included in the appendices in a separate table of contents andcheck the order of the table against the order they are found in the appendix. So these allabove documents require in order archiving your company as a legal and valid through laws.