The scale computer frameworks. For example, cell phones

The fast development of computers has made powerful Human Computer
Interaction essential. HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is the study of how people
interact with computers and to what degree computers are or are not developed
for successful interaction with people. The strategies by which humans have been
interacting with computers have developed drastically. As the name suggests,
HCI comprises of three sections: the client, the computer itself, and the ways
they interact.

User: By “user”, we may mean an individual user or
a group of users. The way user’s
sensory systems (sight, hearing, touch) propagate is critical.

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Additionally, different users have different conception or ways for learning
and remembering information.

Computer: When we discuss the computer, we’re talking about
any technology extending from personal computers, to large scale computer frameworks.

For example, cell phones or VCRs can also be considered as computers.

Interaction: There are clear differences between people and machines.

Despite these, HCI attempts to guarantee that they both get on with each other
and communicate effectively. Human Computer Interaction examines how
individuals design, implement and utilize computer interfaces.



Gesture based interaction has been a popular area of Human Computer
Interaction.  Gesture based interaction fills
in as an advantageous and natural means for users to collaborate with computers.

Because of these reasons, gesture recognition has gained drastic significance
in the recent years. Gesture recognition is the ability of a system to identify
and process gestures. Since humans express their emotions and feelings mostly
through gestures, gesture recognition is a natural way of communication between
humans and machines. Hence, gesture recognition can be seen as a way to
understand humans by machines and also as a bridge to pass emotions to machines
which were earlier limited by text input or Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Many
techniques and approaches have been proposed to implement gesture recognition
systems. In spite of these advancements, more sophistication is required to
make gesture recognition more reliable. 


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