The and with a huge precision. By using


            The word is changing and is becoming
more and more sophisticated mostly thanks to technology. Technology continues
to evolve and it is present everywhere like for example in business,
communication, education, and cars are not excluded. The future of cars is
designed so that cars will be able to drive by their own way. An autonomous car
as it is called will be able to drop you everywhere you want without having the
need to touch the car’s steering wheel or even to know the place where you are
going. The only thing you should do is just put the information needed into the
car’s system and that’s all. So, would I be willing to ride in an autonomous
car? The answer will be yes because of three reasons.

    The first thing is that autonomous car can
permit to make the street safer and also save space. What I am intended to say
is that humans can make some errors and machine cannot because they are
programmed to do some specific and with a huge precision. By using an
autonomous car, there will be less or even no accidents caused by driver error.
Another thing is that accidents are also caused by the fact that the person who
is driving is drunk. In this case, an autonomous car will be well appropriate
because the drunk driver will not be the one driving since the car did every
little thing because cars will have automated reactions. Now, let talk about
the saving space part. It is mostly about the parking issue. Today, cars have
to be parked with just a little space between them to let the driver go down.
This issue will be resolve seen that there will be nobody inside the vehicle.
For example, you are going to a supermarket. You just have to get out in front
of the supermarket and command the vehicle to park itself.

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    The second thing is that thanks to
autonomous car, they will be less traffic jam and people will have more free
time. As the only thing you should do is put the information needed into the
car’s system, people will just have to sit back, chat, play and relax or even
continue your work until they reach the destination’s point. There will be no
accident due to distraction like calling seen that the car does all the
driving. As there will be no accident that means that there will be no reasons
to slow the traffic because an autonomous car will respect.

third reason is that autonomous car will have the capacity to determine the
shortest road to take so that, save time. As autonomous car will be connected
to each other by the wireless, they will be able to communicate. If for
example, you want to go somewhere, the car will be in charge of finding the
shortest route or the most suitable route so that you can quickly arrive.

    To conclude, I will be willing to ride in
an autonomous car because autonomous cars are safer by reducing accidents,
permit to save space, reduce traffic jam and permit to people to enjoy life by
having free time and also because you don’t have to know the route that you are
going to take because the car is in charge of determining the most suitable
route for you. It is for all those reasons listed that my answer is yes.


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