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The career that I am looking into is a hospice nurse. A hospice nurse is someone who takes care of a terminally ill patient or someone in their last stages. They focus on comfort and the quality of life rather than looking for a cure.  What does it take to be a hospice nurse? How much would college cost every semester? How long would it take to become a hospice nurse? Why would I consider becoming a hospice nurse? Where do hospice nurses work? Senior CapstoneMy name is Alyssa Jadine Thomas and I am in the M.A.S.H. academy in the Certified Nursing Assistant pathway at Duncan Polytechnical High School. The career that I am reaching for is a registered nurse with a hospice nurse speciality. I chose this career goal because it is a perfect match for me. My educational goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing,  I will be needing it to be a hospice nurse. I will be asking a registered nurse some questions so it could help me in the future with my career (see appendix A)Hospice Nurse What is a hospice nurse? A hospice nurse is someone who is someone who works with terminally ill or dying patients to help ensure their comfort and quality of their remaining days, a hospice nurse doesn’t work to cure the patient or try to fix them. I chose this career because my grandparents were both in hospice care  and I would like to help the patient and their family through the process. Hospice nurses usually work in assisted living facilities, the hospital, or the patients or patients family’s home. The work hours usually works around the patients schedule or an 8 hour shift, but will usually be working a combination of your and the patients scheldule. A hospice nurse always comforts patients and making sure they have everything they need. They support the family emotionally and help out the family members. An example of helping them is doing the dishes or caring for their loved one. Another example is making a meal that they want or doing something they want before they are dead. The hourly wage for a hospice nurse is $34 or $69,933 annually. A staff nurse is a registered nurse employed by a medical facility who does not assist in surgery and it is a similar career that has a pay of $66, 915 annually ( 2018). Accordingly to BLS the job market for being a nurse in 2025 will increase by 44%. I believe in the future nursing jobs will be higher paying jobs and more jobs available. The reason for this belief is because the baby boomers are in their old ages now and that would require more nurses in every department.In order to be a hospice nurse you have to be able to talk to people, empathetic, nurturing, compassion, and a comforting personality. You will have to be organized and patient at all times. The life experience that will help me prepare me for my career is when my grandparents were on hospice, even a death of someone that I loved help me be prepared.Skills In my CTE class we have learned communication skills, CPR, one-on-one contact with the patients, how to stay calm and how to act when a difficult situation happens. These skills will help me because in the future as a hospice nurse I would have to have those specific careers if i would even try to consider being a hospice nurse.CollegesMy reach college is University of San Francisco. Its a research university. It is located at San Francisco, California. The tuition is around $11,018. I will not qualify for financial aid. The major for undergraduate degree is associates or bachelors degree. It has a medical class that is said to be good. I will not be going for a masters or doctorate degree. I will the necessary education I need in 4 years. They require a high SAT score with a 3.25 GPA and A-G requirements. Also to get in the college you will have to have passing grades and volunteer work. My match college is a Public Research University and they have a nursing program that is said to be good. It is located in Fresno, California. The tuition is around 10,000 per year. I don’t qualify for financial aid. The requirements that they offer is communication of human biology. Medical terminology is mandatory. I’m not going for masters or doctrines degree. It will take 4 years like the others. It requires A-G requirements. Brightwood college it offers many programs. It’s located in Clovis California. The tuition requirements are a high school diploma or an GED. The college offers financial aid, but I do not qualify. The requirements for an undergraduate degree is being in a nursing program with a certificate. Not going for masters or doctorate. 2 years for associate degree and 4 years for bachelor’s degree. The SAT and gpa is not needed. FinancesThe tuition is expected to be $1,104 per semester. The books and supplies round up to $1,200. Transportation will be $30 each month. I will not be needing anything with a car, insurance, or maintenance. Living expenses are going to be handle by my parents. If I would like to go out that would be around $20. My phone bill is $40 per month. I already have clothes, but if I wanted more that would be $70 per month.I would be employed at community hospital. The hourly wage is $10.50 with an 8 hour shift. I will not get any scholarships because I don’t apply to them. I will not be pulling out any loans. The repayment is not applicable to me. Personal/Pathway Industry ProblemThe skills that I am lacking are staying focused and a lack of study skills. The education matter that I am lacking to be successful is my English class. I will start to do my work and turning it in and work on my handwriting. I see a problem with achieving my work by not staying focused and that makes it harder to work. Solution and PlanThe personal goals I have set for myself is to stay on task and to graduate on time. I will try different methods to stay on task like not getting distracted by other people and I will do my work in order to graduate. I need to develop more confidence and be more organized before I graduate.ConclusionMy career goal is to be a registered nurse with a hospice nurse specialty. Getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing is my educational goal. This career benefits the community and workforce because they are short staff in fresno and they need all types of nurses.