The and “Instituting Measures to Control and

The topics in sight of the General Assembly 1 are “Establishing Security Strategies for Countering Cyber Warfare in Digital Age” and “Instituting Measures to Control and Monitor Illicit Flow of Small Arms and Light Weapons. The assembly is entitled to make suggestions to states regarding international issues within its capability. The Arab Republic of Egypt   

                                                   i.            Establishing Security Strategies for Countering Cyber Warfare in Digital Age

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Over the last few decades, the world has been witnessing constant development in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. This development had been remarkable and eased the communication system between nations and organizations around the globe. However, this has led the security of valuable information over the network into great threats of cyber-attacks which happen to be the root cause of a cyber-warfare. The term cyber warfare refers to the attempt of demolishing other nation’s information through the network, which is commonly perpetrated by a nation-state or an international organization. Moreover, cyber warfare involves hacking which is usually executed due to political disputes between two nations or organizations. Furthermore, it leads to sabotaging missions and frequent acts of espionage in the military and scientific sectors of other nations; whose exposure to cyber-attacks may disrupt the international peace and security.


The Arab Republic of Egypt believes that cybercrime is a global violation and has a sensitive approach to this matter. This discretion is predominantly due to the potential threat of manipulation in the military forces over electronic devices. Since, the Arab republic of Egypt has one of the largest armed military forces in the Middle East; it is bound to take this dilemma very seriously.


As of 2017, the Arab republic of Egypt ranks second out of all the Arab states in the ITU Global Cyber Security Index and are also a member of the UN Government Group of Experts (GGE) on cyber security. Furthermore, Egypt chaired the ITU Working Group for Child Online Protection and also happens to be a founding member of the Africa CERT. Since the establishment of Egypt’s High Council of Cyber-Security (HCC) introduced by the former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab. The council’s core objectives has remained to counter cyber-attacks, supervise its implementation and to keep the county’s strategy updated with the advanced technology. The reason this council is created is to ensure and protect Egyptian government’s banks and industries from cyber threats. Other than these the Egyptian government has signed a number of bilateral and multilateral agreements on cyber security cooperation.


Egypt condemns the use of cyber warfare in this digital age and calls upon the committee to impose a law for the betterment of the people’s security and to restrain any political action from affecting an individual’s life.  




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