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The Significance of The Munich PutschWritten by Viviana Campos In order to consider the significance of the Munich Putsch, we must take into consideration the different ways in which this  event was significant. This event was primarily significant for the Nazis. Prior to  the Munich Putsch, Mussolini’s march on Rome, played out a crucial role into the idea behind the Munich Putsch idea. The events in the Munich Putsch was incredibly significant because at Hitler’s trial, Hitler gained more support from legal powers and gained more publicity. During Hitler’s trial, dozens of journalists were there. The journalists recorded everything that was going on for the public. So, when Hitler made his charismatic speeches, they went to the public. This proves that since dozens of journalist recorded and published Hitler’s speeches, that the Munich Putsch helped gain Nazi publicity.  Hitler’s trial also helped him gain support in high powers. Hitler was supposed to get sentenced with high treason, however during the trial, he impressed the judges with his speeches. The result was that Hitler was sentenced 5 years in Landsberg Prison. However, Hitler only served 9 months. This proves that since Hitler only served 9 months out of 5 years in prison instead of sentenced high treason, that he gained support from legal powers.The event prior to the Munich Putsch, Mussolini’s March on Rome, was very significant because it inspired the Munich Putsch. Mussolini’s March on Rome was when Mussolini and thousands of fascists supporters marched on Rome. This lead to Mussolini being appointed as the prime minister on October 29, 1922. This act greatly inspired Hitler. So much so, that the Munich Putsch was designed to replicate the March on Rome as much as possible. This is proven by the similarities that each of them show. One similarities that they show is the fact of supporters. Many fascists followers supported Mussolini’s march. This is displayed in both because much like Mussolini, Hitler expected to be people who stood up for the Nazi party. However, Hitler was confused when no one really helped the Nazis. Another similarity that they share is the way they both surrounded the government. In the March on Rome, Mussolini had control over the Po, the king feared that a civil war might break out. As a result, the king gave Mussolini the role of prime minister. In the Munich Putsch, the Nazis also surround the government and said the revolution has begun. His aim was to cause Germans to stand up for him. The evidence listed clearly shows that the Munich Putsch was inspired by Mussolini’s march on Rome. Thus, making Mussolini’s March on Rome significant.The Munich Putsch was a short term failure because of the fact that Hitler’s naivety caused him to have short term consequences. During the Munich Putsch, Hitler made a crucial mistake that ended up helping the failure of the putsch. This was letting Von Kahr and his colleagues leave. What they did was report what had happened in Berlin, and asked the German army and the police to take down the Nazis. The next morning, the army was ready for Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler expected that the Nazi would not have gotten shot because Ludendorff was with them, but the Nazis were wrong. As a result this lead to 16 Nazis dead. The evidence shows that since Hitler made a crucial mistake, he had a negative outcome. The Munich Putsch was very significant because of it caused Hitler to write a book called the Mein Kampf. The Mein Kampf showed Hitler’s opinion about numerous topics. For instance, he often talked about the superiority of the Aryan race and how inferior the Jews were. It also discussed his future plans for Germany. The book however, was not to popular when it first came out. It only sold only 9,473 copies. The book was not useful however, useful for how much it sold but it was useful for the Nazis. It was considered the bible for the Nazis. This helped spread the Nazi’s believes and helped them with propaganda. The evidence shown helps explain the extent of the usefulness of the Mein Kampf.The Munich Putsch was very significant because it showed the Nazis that too gain power in Germany, they needed to bypass the  government. What the failure of the Munich Putsch taught the Nazis were that they did not get much support. Hitler learned that to gain power, he needed to manipulate the political system. To do this, the Nazis used propaganda techniques Later, after the United State’s Great Depression hit, this soared the Nazi support. So much so, that it increased  the number of seats that the Nazis gained in the Reichstag. This enabled them to use proportional representation. This eventually lead to Hitler being  appointed to chancellor. The evidence shown here proves that since Hitler gained chancellorship, that the Nazis learned from their mistakes. The Munich Putsch was very significant because it gave them more propaganda. When the Nazis failed, they also lost 16 Nazis. However, the lost of the Nazis were not all bad news. In Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, he talked about the Nazis death. Instead of referring to the deaths as pure failure, Hitler talked about the deaths as them being martyrs. He mentions them like that because he wants the readers to feel as if the Nazis were heroes. It also helped the Nazis because it also helped them talk about sacrifices that the Nazis had to make.  The sacrifices made also helped them obtain a different public image. All of the evidence shown proves that the Munich Putsch was significant because it gave them more propaganda. The Munich Putsch was very significant because the result of the Munich Putsch reorganized the Nazi party. Realizing that a change was needed, Hitler began to work on reorganizing the structure of the Nazi party. He made the Nazi only run by one leader. This was to ensure that the Party could be run more efficiently. They also adopted the salute and made the swasitika the new symbol of the Naizs. Hitler also changed how the party was organized. Since the Nazis failed, and since Hitler’s new plan was to bypass the government, he structured the Nazi party to mimic the government. This was because, when the Nazis would eventually take over Germany, they already had a structure. This would make it easier for the Nazis in the future. Between all of the new improvements made, it resulted in not only a well organized party, but they also gained more popularity as well. The evidence mentioned in this paragraph proves that since the Nazis were able to gain efficiency and more popularity, that the Munich Putsch was useful for the Nazis.The Munich Putsch was very significant because it helped improve the Nazi propaganda altogether. Part of what Hitler did to reorganize the Nazi party was to assign incharge of the Nazi propaganda. He then selected Joseph Goebbels as minister of Nazi propaganda in 1929. This greatly aided in the spread of Nazism. Because of this, the amount of Nazi followers rose by 1932.  The number of followers might have not been as big of a jump if the Munich Putsch would have never happened. This is because the failure of the Munich Putsch showed Hitler that changes needed to be made. This opened his eyes to see that in order to be successful, he also had to do more. The evidence shown in this paragraph proves that if the Munich Putsch never happened, that the propaganda might have not improved either.The Munich Putsch was very significant because it set up the SS and the SA. After the failure of the Munich Putsch, Hitler knew he had to reorganize the structure of the Nazi party. One of the ways he did that was set up the SS. The SS was meant to be Hitler’s bodyguard. The SA was