The the organization. These responsibilities and duties of

Chief Information Officer (CISO) is typically a senior level executive that has
the responsibilities of implementing a security information program within an
organization. Some of the objectives of the CISO are designing procedures and
policies to protect the data/information from both internal and external threats.
The CISO primary role is maintaining the overall security of an organization
which includes all employees and the facilities.  This means that a CISO is proactive in
anticipating threats and continually working on ways to prevent them.

Some of the
responsibilities of the CISO are to act as a liaison with customers, partners,
law enforcement, and public on the organization’s security strategy. The CIOS
also will establish a balance of security for the organizations strategic
business plan and risk factors and provide solutions to both. The CISO will
plan and conduct tests on potential security breaches. A CISO is responsible
for the overseeing such testing, development and maintenance of such security system
hardware and software. Finally the CISO will ensure that all employees are held
responsible for the security of the organization networks and the technician
that manage the devices and firewalls.

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The security
manager’s primary is responsible for the day to day operations, monitoring
security operations of the information security of an organization. In the
security manager position other role is to ensure the business security flows
seamlessly and work with other security department IT managers to create
policies and procedures for networks and systems of the organization. The
security manger plays an important role in helping to mitigate damages and make
those critical decisions for any threats to the organization.

The security
manager responsibilities are to build team relationships between members of the
organization in making changes to better protect the organization. These responsibilities
and duties of the security manager are to manage the organization’s strategies
that are developed by the organization to protect the overall network security
including all changes to the hardware and software. The security manager will
also define new strategies and implement them, conduct security audits and penetration
tests, communicate the security team’s ideas with other managers within the
organization to further the security of the organization as a whole.
Additionally, the security manager will conduct training for all security
personnel and staff members, monitor current technology usefulness and define the
uses of new technology including costs for any changes that need to be made.
Finally the security manages has the responsibility to hire new staff and
research new resources for future projects and technology that will be used by
the organization.

The security
technician plays the role of an individual that is assigned to protect all computer
assets of an organization by establishing and documenting employee access to the
organizations files and data. They also play the role in the process of
configuring firewalls, installing intrusion prevention detection system,
implementing software, troubleshooting problems within the organization that
are security related.

The security technician
maintains certain responsibilities within an organization, whether it is in a specific
security technology group or in a certain hardware or software package. Some of
these can include issuing system access identification badges, logging, counting,
sorting and filing requests by documentation of those who access to the organizational
systems. They are also tasked with maintaining security files and other forms of
documents, providing information on data trends by collecting and analyzing this
data. Finally, they comply with all information systems and
the organizational missions by providing valuable information to the organization
to resolve any deficiency in an organization.


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