The the Treaty of Paris came after

The United States has been a very growing nation. The Manisfest Destiny, was constantly obtaing new territories. Some have came from wars, others were purchased peacefully. Two of the most important territories that we acquired were the Louisiana territory, and the Philippines after the Spanish American war. Although they were both added in the same century, their circumstances were extremely different aslo their final outcomes.The Spanish-American war was caused by several things. When they defended Spanish forces, the Treaty of Paris  came after worked strongly in there favor. The people of the Philippines were unhappy, however. Filipinos revolted over American rule and there were 3 years of bloody fighting to suppress independence. To make amends, they passed the Jones Law of 1916, recognizing them as a territory, giving all males a right to vote, and promising them independence as soon as everything was stable there. After WWII, they  gave up to control of the territory, and it is no longer a part of the United States today.The Louisiana Territory was gained more peacefully. Farmers along the Mississippi had no easy way to get their crops to large markets. Thomas Jefferson tried to buy New Orleans to give the farmers free crops. The Louisiana territory  doubled the size of the United States. Louis and Clark were sent to explore it, reaching all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There were Some negative effects of its gain were aruging over whether states should be slave states or free states. The North did not want there to be more slave states than there were free states to maintain a balance in the Senate some states were  allowing the settlers to make their own decisions. It was the Civil War that ended the dispute.The US make great efforts to achieve for expansion under Manifest Destiny which  led to many conflicts. The Louissiana Purchase led to a conflict with Native Americans and the acquisition of California led to a conflict between the North and the South. However the end product of our glorious nation is spectacular