The the way they convey their message

The purpose of
advertising is to persuade the audience to buy a specific product or service.
One of my favorite advertisements is for Extra gum. The commercial showcases a
father and his daughter. In each scene the father gives the daughter an origami
swan made from the Extra gum wrapper. As the commercial proceeds, the father
and daughter age. Eventually the daughter is at the age when she leaves for
college. As the father helps his daughter move out, he drops a box and out
spills dozens of origami swans. The daughter kept each swan, reminding her of
all the great memories she has made with her father. Most anyone can relate to
this commercial, but it mostly targets parents and their children. As a college
student, I can most definitely relate to this commercial. This commercial uses
audio and visual effects to attract their audiences emotionally and ethically.

The commercial
uses two of Aristotle’s appeals, ethos and pathos. The commercial uses ethos,
or ethics, to appeal to the audience’s values, one of which is family. To most
people, family is valuable to them. The commercial focuses on a father’s
relationship with his daughter. With this, the producers are connecting with
people who experience similar relationships. The producers also use pathos, or
emotion, to appeal to the audience’s feelings. This commercial causes emotional
reactions, such as joy, sorrow, and love. Some of the memories of the father
and daughter bring about joy, but some bring about sorrow. For example, the
scene of the daughter’s birthday party brings about joy, but the scene of the
daughter crying with her father brings about sorrow. Throughout the commercial
you see the love they have for each other and the strength of their
relationship. The major feature of this commercial was the audio. They did not
want to add talking to the commercial because the viewers can see without words
the love that is shown. The purpose of this advertisement is ideally to sell
their product, but the way they convey their message is attractive. The brand
name of the gum is “Extra” and their logo is “give Extra, get extra”. Their
logo ties in with this commercial because the father cares for the daughter and
nurtures her, and in return the daughter loves him.

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In conclusion, the
commercial was very effective. It affected my emotions and focused on my
values. The commercial caused me to experience sadness and joy. I believe the
message of this commercial is that the smallest gestures can make a lasting
impact. I could also relate to this commercial because my father and I are
close. It was hard moving out and coming to college knowing I would be on my
own without my father’s guidance. Similarly, the daughter in the commercial had
a hard time moving out knowing she would not be near her father. Overall, this
commercial was effective to most people.