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The Healing Powers of a Cow: A NovelBy: Josie DeBellis”Chapter one: The unknown disease”Maria woke up in the hospital. The doctors were hustling around her bed, “Where am I?” Maria asked her mother, “Honey you’re in the hospital, it’s okay we are here.” Maria lost consciousness again and her parents started to sob. “Can you hear me Maria, I’m Dr. Reeder, everything is going to be alright!” the doctor said. Maria was slipping in and out of consciousness and no one knew why, she was also suffering from strange bursts of memory lost. “What’s  happening to her?” Maria’s dad asked, Dr. Reeder replied, “We are not sure, but for now we just need to keep her stable, her heart rate is very fast.”1 hour laterMaria laid in her bed motionless, she was sleeping very soundly because she was finally stable. “Hi, we are not quite sure what is wrong with Maria and we are going to run more tests, if that’s okay with you?” Dr. Reeder said as she walked into the hospital room, “It’s fine,” Maria’s parents said with a sigh. Maria’s parents were so confused, Maria went to school totally fine, but on the bus ride home she started to throw up and then she passed out.  Maria started to wake up, “HELP ME, HELP ME!” Maria exclaimed, she threw up all over the hospital bed and then lost consciousness, “DOCTOR REEDER!” Maria’s mom screamed as she started to cry again. Dr. Reeder came in and requested for Maria’s parents to wait in the waiting room. Someone came in to get a full evaluation of Maria’s history. “Hi I’m Dr. Patell, I have some questions about Maria’s history, remember this will remain fully confidencial,” Dr. Patell said, “Fire away,” Maria’s dad mumbled with an upset look, “So tell me about Maria what does she like to do, eat, and if she has any allergies?” Dr. Patell asked. “Maria is a happy child, she has no food allergies whatsoever, she plays softball on her school team, but most of all she loves cattle,” Maria’s mom said. “Nice, well thank you very much and know that we are taking the best care of her as we can,” Dr. Patell replied. Maria’s mom started to cry as she buried her head in her husband’s shoulder. Maria’s dad tried to comfort his wife, but he was also was filled with anxiety and confusion. Dr. Reeder rushed out of the room with Maria on the hospital bed, “I’m taking her to emergency surgery!” Dr. Reeder exclaimed as they walked by, Maria’s mom screamed “MARIA, MARIA NO!” at the top of her lungs. Dr. Patell rushed in the waiting room “What’s going on?” she asked while trying to comfort the family who was at a loss for words, “Maria, she, she, is being taken to emergency surgery!” Maria’s dad exclaimed. “Oh no,” Dr. Patell said, “Umm, everything will be alright,” she added while scurrying out of the room.  Maria’s grandmother arrived at the hospital a few minutes later, she lived an hour away so it took her some time to get there. “What’s going on?” Maria’s grandmother exclaimed with a worried expression, “I, I don’t know,” Maria’s mother said to her mom. They embraced each other while crying. Dr. Reeder came back into the room “I have some news, Maria’s surgery was suppose to diagnose her, but we found nothing, we think that her losing consciousness and having an increased heart rate could be from seizures, that is a condition called Oliver’s syndrome you have a choice to put her on seizure meds but if she doesn’t have Olivers they could be deadly, even with the meds and a right diagnoses most people with this condition don’t make it, I’m very sorry” Dr. Reeder said. Maria’s family sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed, they were truly devastated by this news. “So you can take about an hour to choose whether you want to give her the seizure medicine or not” Dr. Reeder said while walking out of the room. “I think we should take to the Pennsylvania Children’s hospital for a second opinion,” Maria’s mom stated, “I agree,” Maria’s father replied. Maria’s mother made some phone calls in the hour she had to decide about the medicine. “Okay let’s tell Dr. Reeder, can you get Maria’s stuff mom?” Maria’s mom asked while crying. “Hi Dr. Reeder,” Maria’s dad said as the doctor walked in, “We have made our decision, we are going to take Maria to Pennsylvania Children’s hospital for a second opinion,” Maria’s father stated. “Okay, we can air lift her there by helicopter” Dr. Reeder replied, “Great, let’s take her there right away,” Maria’s mom said while shifting uneasily in her seat. Dr. Reeder wheeled Maria out of the hospital room. “Hi honey, can you hear me?” Maria’s mom asked before she started to burst into tears. “Maria can’t hear you, she is still undergoing the effects of anesthesia” Dr. Reeder interrupted. Maria was wheeled out to the landing pad for the helicopter, “One of you can go with her,” the operator shouted, “You go honey,” Maria’s dad said to his wife, “Okay bye, love you,” Maria’s mom yelled while getting onto the helicopter with Maria. “Bye” Maria’s dad replied when he shed a tear. “Everything will be alright,” Dr. Reeder said with a hand on his shoulder trying to reassure him, “Thank you,” Maria’s dad whispered scarcely heard amid the helicopters turning blades above.The next day”Hi honey, how is Maria doing?” Maria’s dad asked while on the phone with his wife. “They gave her medicine, she’s stable but I am so, so nervous,” Maria’s mom replied. “Everything will be alright, I have to go, bye love you, I’ll call you later,” Maria’s dad said as he hung up the phone. Maria was at the Pennsylvania Children’s Hospital, which is known to be the best children’s hospital in the United States of America. One hour laterMaria’s mother frantically texted her husband, “I am so, so scared.” she wrote. Maria’s dad replied, “It’s alright honey, trust the doctors!” Maria’s dad was driving up to the hospital after Maria had been there for a day, since it had snowed and the roads were bad. Everyone thought Maria was getting better but really, her body was hiding symptoms. That night Maria woke up, “Mom, it’s you!” Maria said, “Honey, oh my gosh you’re okay, I love you so, SO much!” her mom replied with an excited tone. Maria grinned as her mother hugged her. The doctors came in, “Hi sweetie, I’m Dr. Brown, how are you feeling?” the doctor asked, “I feel nauseous but, I’m glad to be awake!” Maria replied. “Nice, okay well we are going to need to talk to you outside Mrs. Steven,” the doctor said while motioning to Maria’s mom. “Hi,” the doctor said with a sigh, “I think we are going to need to give her a new untested medicine, we are not sure if it is safe, but we think so,  it’s her best chance of getting better, if we don’t give it to her the seizures could get out of control as well as her heart rate,” Dr. Brown said. “Do I have any other options?” Maria’s mom asked, “Not that we know of,” Dr. Brown replied, “I am going to go call my husband,” the worried mom said. The parents talked on the phone for a while and decided they were going to give Maria the medicine. It was one of the hardest decisions they had ever made.”Chapter two: The new home”Maria parents were driving around the town. They were looking for a place they could rent while Maria was undergoing treatment. Maria was getting sicker and sicker from the medicine she was taking. “Look that looks nice!” Maria’s dad said, “It does,  and there is a farm nextdoor with cattle, Maria would love that,  let’s look at the price online!” Maria’s mom replied. “It’s only four hundred dollars a month!” Maria’s dad exclaimed, “I am going to call the realtor,” Maria’s mom responded. Later on that day they signed a contract to rent the house for five months when they went back with the realtor. “I love it here!” Maria’s mom exclaimed when they were looking around in the house. Maria’s parent drove straight from the house to the hospital where they found Maria sitting straight up in her bed. “Hi honey, how are you feeling?” Maria’s mom asked, “I’m okay,” Maria replied. “Good,” Maria’s dad responded. “Do you want something to eat Maria?” her mom asked, “Sure!” Maria replied. “What would you like?” Maria’s dad responded, “Maybe some beef and noodles or soup?” Maria replied, “I’ll run to the restaurant and get you some,” Maria’s mom said. Maria’s mom left the hospital to get her daughter some beef and noodles from the local Italian restaurant “Jullian’s”. Maria was oblivious to the cruelty of factory farms and the animal agriculture industry, since she loved cattle so much it was surprising she still eat them. Chapter three:Oh Maria! All of a sudden Maria passed out, “DOCTOR! DOCTOR!” Maria’s mom yelled. The doctor rushed in. Maria’s mom had a pit in her stomach, she knew that the medicine they had Maria on was NOT helping her get better, in fact she was getting weaker and sicker. As they put a cool towel on Maria’s head she began to wake up again. “What happened?” Maria asked. No one replied to Maria, the only thing that was said after was “Let’s get her a C.T scan stat!” The nurses pushed Maria into the radiology unit of the hospital. “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” the scanner repeated. Maria covered her ears not fully aware of what was happening. “Put your hands down sweetie!” The nurse said through the microphone “WHAT?” Maria asked. “PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN!” the nurse said again, “OWWW!” Maria said as her arms got trapped in the machine, “STOP IT! STOP IT!” the nurse screamed. Maria was crying when they came in the room, “Are you okay?” the kind nurse asked, “No I think it’s broken!” Maria said barely heard through her inconsolable sobs. “Let’s get her an x-ray,” the nurse said with a sigh. “It turns out Maria has a fractured wrist,” the nurse told Maria’s mom, “Oh Maria!” Maria’s mom said to her daughter. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear!” Maria replied trying to defend her actions, Maria’s mom sighed and let out a tiny chuckle. When the nurse left the room you could practically feel her stressed energy. “Honey we want to take you somewhere!” Maria’s dad said, “Where?” Maria asked in response, “To the new house!” Maria’s mom blurted out with excitement. “What house?” Maria questioned, “We have to rent a house while you’re undergoing treatment and we found the perfect one!” Maria’s mom said. “Okay! Let’s go,” Maria returned. The family was excited to leave the hospital for a little while, after all it gets boring in a place like that! As they were driving to the house they passed several farms. “I wish we could live there!” Maria said wide eyed, “Let’s see…” Maria’s dad would reply followed by a confused look from his daughter. When they finally arrived Maria screamed with excitement. “Can we go visit the cows?” Maria asked, “Sure, my bovine princess!” Maria’s dad said. The father and daughter walked over to the farm and knocked on the door. It was a very straightforward discussion, and it went something like this: “Hi! We are your new neighbors, at least temporarily my daughter is undergoing treatment at the children’s hospital, anyway she really loves cows and was wondering if she could come and visit yours?”,  “Sure, right this way!” Maria was lead into the pen where she was confronted by the male cattle, “We have all males except for Sarah the one in the back,” the farmer said pointing to the beautiful Jersey cow in the back. Maria was so excited as she slowly walked back to Sarah. There was an instant bond between Maria and Sarah. Sarah pressed her head against Maria while licking her. It was love at first sight. Maria sat down next to Sarah and smiled. She was giggling while she pet the beautiful lady next to her. “Sarah was rescued from a dairy factory farm, they treated her terribly, she had her calves and then they were taken away from her, she would cry for them until her vocal cords were raw, I won’t say more,” the farmer said. Maria felt such empathy for Sarah and was saddened by what the farmer had said. “Why don’t you come inside and have a glass of lemonade,” the farmer offered, “Sure!” Maria said. Maria and her father walked into the small farmhouse. Lace curtains covered the windows and paintings of cattle covered the windows. “Sit down, get comfortable!” the farmer said gesturing to the wooden table. “Actually, may I use the restroom?” Maria asked, “Of course, right this way sweetie!” the farmer replied. As Maria walked down the hall she noticed something. There was a big bulletin board in the farmer’s room that had pictures of Sarah the cow in a dark dirty shed with tears in her eyes. She also saw a picture of another cow being hit with a metal rod. She saw a picture of a male calf in veal crate and a picture of Sarah crying as her baby was dragged away. It was heartbreaking in horrible what was done to these animals just for meat and dairy. As Maria walked further down the hall she saw a picture of nine hens trapped in a battery cage with their beaks burned off. So