The understanding the concepts of finance and management

The main
agenda of today’s business sector is globalization. Thus, it has become a
matter of prime importance to have a more refined and broad-enough outlook at domestic
as well as an international level. It is a well-known fact today that the
countries like United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), India as
well as United Arab Emirates (UAE) have shown significant amount of support in
the development of the corporate sector. It also provides a significant refinement
in key areas of scientific and technological innovations. Keeping these reasons
in a wider perspective, I sigh to acquire the experience of management in the
UAE and learn from the professors at Hult Business School. In an environment as
the one provided at the Dubai campus of Hult Business School, I am confident
enough to utilize the skills acquired by practicing the same.


witnessed the business activities of my grand-father from an early age, I was
inspired to pursue a management career. Being an entrepreneur in the food
industry he was completely dedicated to his work. Apart from witnessing the
activities, he also gave me certain opportunities in managing the same.
Through-out my school age we had an annual subscription of various management
periodicals such as Forbes and The Economic Times. While reading these
periodicals I began understanding the concepts of finance and management
through real life examples which were closely related to business sector. Thus,
it had made clear from my graduation age that I would consider the field of business
management as the most prioritized career option.

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earned Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation from S.R.M Institute
of Science and Technology, I had a keen interest in taking up management
courses. Apart from the full-time degree, we also had options to choose courses
which were not a part of the departmental curriculum. This is where I started
attending management courses, including Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. I
also ended up being a part of the managing committee of a domain in the
techno-management fest of the university. This certainly helped me in acquiring
proper explanatory and communication skills.


addition to my experience in the university, I further developed my skills as
an Intern at Jet Airways (India) Pvt. Ltd, where I planned maintenance
schedules and was engaged in administrative work. I then worked in Electronics
Department in Raymond’s’ Limited where again I was associated with planning,
evaluating, and managing. These individual experiences added a significant
amount of learning opportunities about various aspects present in the corporate
as well as technical management sectors.


in the near future, with the continuous practical work and monitoring of the
experienced professors in Hult Business School, I would be able to thoroughly
cultivate my independent thinking skills, reasoning and managing capabilities.
Hence, these would help in the enlightenment of the management skills and make
a strong post-academic foundation.