The grade of cruelty. After Henry gets caught

movie Regarding Henry follows the life of Henry Turner who is a corrupt corporate lawyer, who will do
whatever it takes to win a case and treats his family with the same grade of
cruelty. After Henry gets caught in the middle of a robbery and is shot in the
head, he wakes from a coma to find that he has amnesia and can’t even remember how to do simple tasks. As he recovers and relearns how
to function again, Henry exposes a nicer and more thoughtful personality, that surprises
his family and friends.

interpersonal conflict in this movie is the same as we see in most of our lives
day by day. There are many times in our life when the things that people say
are completely taken the wrong way and once its said it can never be taken
back. There were so many examples of conflict portrayed in this movie that I
could only choose two. After watching this great and thoughtful, I learned that
you should always treat people with the same respect that you would treat a CEO
because you will never know what place you may end up in life. When handling a
interpersonal conflict in any stage of a relationship you should treat people
the way you would want to be treated. No relationship is perfect but with love
and care all conflicts can be resolved.

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first incident in the movie “Regarding Henry that I noticed of interpersonal
conflict was when Henry Turner found out that his wife Sarah Turner was having
an affair with his partner Bruce. This incident occurred when the maid gave
Henry a gift that was from Bruce. Henry noticed that his wife Sarah received
the same letters that was found in a drawer that Sarah kept hidden from him.
When Sarah arrived home, Henry confronted Sarah about the letters and began
questioning Sarah about her relationship with Bruce. Sarah told Henry that her
relationship with Bruce happened before the incident, but it did not last long
and that at the time their relationship was not a good place they were
“miserable and not in love with each other. Henry responded by leaving the
house to go stay in a Hotel. Later Henry found out that he was having an affair
with his coworker Linda. To bring a positive out of the conflicting situation,
Henry should have stayed and talked the situation out with Sarah because he did
not remember the person that he was before the accident so therefore he had no
right to judge of get upset. I believe that this suggestion would have worked because
Henry would have gotten a full understanding of himself and their relationship.

second incident in the movie “Regarding Henry” that I noticed an interpersonal conflict
was when Linda came to the hotel to confront Henry about their relationship. Linda
told him that they were in a secret relationship and how they met up every Tuesday
and Thursday at the Ritz hotel. Linda began to tell him about him planning to leave
Sarah for her. Henry responded to Linda by walking out of the hotel refusing to
deal with the truth. To bring a positive out of this conflicting situation, Henry
should have stayed and discussed the situation with Linda to find closure with her.
I believe that this suggestion would have worked because it would have taught Henry
to learn to deal with his problems instead of walking out.

incident in the movie where I noticed intrapersonal conflict was when Henry and
his wife Sarah overheard their group of friends making fun of Henry’s
condition. This caused Henry to come into a conflict amongst himself. The next
day Henry did not go to work he stayed in bed the whole day feeling bad about his
self. Henry felt that maybe he was the person that he overheard his friends and
coworkers making fun of. To bring a positive out of this conflicting situation,
Henry and his wife should have ignored what they overheard their supposed to be
friends saying and continued to enjoy there night.  I believe this suggestion would have worked because
by going home and lying in bed feeling miserable doesn’t take back what he overheard.