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The hype behind Dragon Ball FighterZ has been unreal as of early last year already.  Even when the game was incomplete there were mini tournaments at events such as EVO US where Tekken, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear and other long standing fighting games were centre stage. It’s been exciting following the progress of DB FighterZ, but how does the final game compare to its competitors?From a gameplay point of view we’re seeing DB FighterZ adopt a much simpler approach to inputs compared to ARC systems used in Guilty Gear. In DB FighterZ if you can do forward or backwards quarter circle R1 (On PS4) you can do most of the stylish moves for any character. Furthermore, many of the tag combos are simple enough to master too and at the same time they are incredibly satisfying. In 2D fighters, in general, your barrier to entry into the competitive scene is so high for someone who has never played. In Street Fighter, for example, if you were to try get into a competitive scene you would find it incredibly difficult, not only for an input point of view but mechanically too. DB FighterZ, however, is far more accessible, so rookie, intermediate and advanced players will all have various aspects of the game that they will constantly improve on. This makes the game capable of capturing a much larger audience. Character interaction in the fights and story mode are brilliantly varied and is a definite highlight in DB FighterZ. In story mode you’ll find that certain character pairings are great and normally unexpected, for example the amount of people that give Yamcha a hard time is hilarious, Vegeta, Piccolo, 18 and even Krillin from just my play through, oh and Nappa. Sometimes cuter interaction when Gohan is involved, so much of my story mode play through was spent swapping out my third slot for every character to see how many different interactions I could get and just made story mode feel that much more endearing. The character Interactions in fights has the expected scenarios, if one character beats an opponent with a cannon move from the series it tends to recreate that scene partially but another fun interaction is ally interaction. One example of this is if Gotenks has Piccolo in the party and does his 3 Ki bar move (normally Largest special move that uses meter) Piccolo is involved in the move actively by means of playing volley ball, and even has fun lines added.The story mode is nothing to scoff at since ARC systems are well known for their extensive single player experiences in both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue the story mode took me (X) hours to finish however there are mixed feelings, it’s a bit grind orientated and can feel like a bit of a time waste if you aren’t playing for the above mentioned interactions due to how many repeat battles there are but the actual story and cut scenes are amazing. The new character added to the DB universe is phenomenal in every aspect, great design, amazing voice acting in English and game play is solid who is voiced by Jeannie Tirado but also feels absolutely cannon to the story and I think she would transfer over to the anime incredibly well. With regards to the English dub most of the characters have the same voice actors and actresses with only a few characters changing, such as Frieza being one of the most noticeable differences. The game has three arcs in total and should be completed if you want the new character playable in local or online play. Graphically, DB FighterZ is gorgeous, not only in cutscenes but during the attacks and the animation during fights is nothing shy of gorgeous, one of the best looking 2D fighters I’ve ever seen by far, the slight panning the camera does when special moves hit at certain distances or HP is a nice little tid bit that doesn’t go unnoticed at all. The audio  in fights is amazing. The explosions sound beefy but not so overwhelming that the characters can’t be heard because they really do add to the characters. When Android 21 is blocked she’ll actually interact and say “nice block” and when Vegata is doing his standard Square basic combo, on the final ground level hit that lands on the opponents gut, the camera has a brief freeze frame as he exclaims various ways of people to get out of his sight or how trash they are. There are some bugs in DB FighterZ, but nothing game breaking. Most of the bugs come through during the cut scenes it operates similar to a visual novel, so while characters are talking there is a speech window that will show an arrow that allows you to move to the next scene or you can just skip through all the dialogue for speed runs. That had three spelling errors that I noticed, and twice when Chiaotzu was talking, it had Tien’s next dialogue coming up and then only fixed the offset when switching to other characters dialogue. Also, if you skip too fast the audio tends to make a unpleasant noise similar to a ground feedback loop that amps tend to make and this was playing with an optical cable. From a game play point of view the game is bug free which is always fantastic news.  Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with DB FighterZ. As a casual 2D fighter myself I probably won’t be investing tons of time into the competitive side of it, but it’s fun to play nonetheless. Every aspect of the game is incredible and whether you are playing solo or with a friend, there’s hours of enjoyment to be had. I must note that at the time of this review the online functionality was not yet available, but I will update it when it is.Pros- Looks amazing- Easy to get into- Amazing Dragon Ball story- New character is amazing- Quick Load timesCons- Grind is a bit large- Android 21 Locked Behind Story mode


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